review: online education in 2013 suddenly hot, whether the traditional Internet giant, or budding entrepreneur, or feel the Internet on the traditional mechanism of traditional industry shock line have to enter the online education, eating a piece of cake. So what are the game player in this industry, and what to play, what opportunities and trends, the dark horse brother 5000 word text is the summary and analysis of your system.


what is online education


online education, or e-Learning, or distance learning, online learning, in the current concept generally refers to a web-based learning behavior, similar to the concept of network training.

popular point of view to expand the extension, all through the Internet or mobile Internet learning behavior, can be called online education or online learning. But the behavior of traditional education like traditional IT tools, such as tablets, can not be classified as online education. Distance education can also be classified as a term of online education, like online training, and online learning concepts are all counted as online education.

What players and gameplay are there in


foreign online education player and capital Atlas

programming online education institutions Codecademy: is an interesting form of programming site, it provides users with a new way to learn programming. It is a web-based interactive programming tutorial, hand to help users understand some of the basic principles of JavaScript, and more importantly, the use of Codecademy learning programming is full of fun.

open network video company lynda:Lynda paid monthly minimum membership fee is $25, you can see the 1625 practical video course from UI station, design, photography, business skills to everything. In 2013, just completed the latest round of $103 million financing.

free online courses large public item company Coursera: by two computer science professor at the Stanford University Andrew Engel (Andrew Ng) · Daphne · Kohler (Daphne Koller) founded. Designed to work with top universities in the world, online free online courses are offered. Just completed a new round of $65 million financing.

C2C open platform Udemy: an open online education website founded in 2010. The site allows all users to develop and build their own courses, rather than leave the permissions on the course as part of the site. It has now received $16 million in financing.

‘s Udacity for free university education: Professor Standford, plug >

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