1. life

wrong: brush your teeth and wash your face two minutes a day. When you rush out of the room, your buttons aren’t buttoned yet.

right: get up an hour earlier, brush your teeth for five minutes, take a bath, pick clean clothes and go to work,

wrong: every morning I go through the supermarket to buy a pack of cigarettes. I haven’t had breakfast for many years,

right: after the supermarket to buy a listen to milk, the other according to personal interest,

wrong: I’ve been eating bubbles at McDonald’s, or, yesterday, the box of instant noodles was finished.

right: rent a house with a kitchen, go to the supermarket to buy ready-made food dispensing, good mood Tim a beer, someone to add a pair of chopsticks

wrong: I never clean my room. Is it necessary to live alone?.

right: mop the clothes once a week, clean up the house, the environment affect the mood; buy bunches of flowers, use aromatic agents are good,

wrong: I never went to bed at 1. I couldn’t sleep. My bags were catching up with the pandas.

right: take a hot bath and you’ll be sleepy and sleepy,

2. friend

wrong: a friend is playing in the wine and dine together, but not what friends colleagues.

right: there are older than their friends around, he can guide your life; there are technical friends on the Internet, can help you at work; there are one or two friends, do a person dare not do; some friends to play, leisure time is not boring; intimate friends. Not easy to find, QQ global seven or eight MM reluctantly.

3. movement

wrong:: a day of work, exhausted, and do not want to move

right: exercise is the best way to relax

wrong: I can’t move any more. Look at my figure,

right: don’t be ashamed to go to the gym, show your figure, so never lift your head that day,

wrong: I’m never interested in sports,

right: actually, exercise is the most addictive,

4. leisure

wrong: my favorite hobby is being a spider. I can’t move on the internet.

right: you should go for a walk or find a book to read.

wrong: I’m blind. I’ll have to take a taxi back from where I live, and I don’t know where I live, 1000m.

right: know where to go to see electricity nearby

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