SEO is a basic work every day to pay attention to their own website and the competitor’s website data update is no exception, today I open the query tool, found that the rising of PR, Baidu update, Google update, it is before the search engine for all Internet Festival gift Tongren


asked ten friends again, the PR value remained unchanged accounted for 60%, the PR value of the rise accounted for 40%, and the PR value dropped to 0%, which shows that the search engine is becoming more and more friendly to the website.

part of the factors affecting the PR value

1, the number of inbound links and the quality of inbound links (the PR and the number of chains out of the chain) are well known.

2, including links, and the number of pages that are included in a website (personally considered to be a critical factor).

PR update brings us thinking

because the PR value is mainly with the chain into the number and the number of pages included and the number of decisions, then we have to these two factors for the corresponding adjustment of the site.

1, when the link we have to be very careful, must not be in the low quality of self-help links (or most called link farms) on the link, which is not only for improving the PR did not help, it is likely you will be punished.

2, in the face of self-help link, you should first look at the quality of the site, the next is the quality of these outgoing links is the number, whether there is a domain name, there are multiple external links. If so, it proves that this kind of self-help link is without any Shenhe, extremely dangerous! There are many self-help links similar to the directory, this is the first choice, because the main station would be submitted to the website after Shenhe, this is a guarantee for you.

3, exchange links, some policies,

A, looked at the web site links it has been the major search engines and search engine to update frequency (in the search results can be seen in the last update time, if more than three days not update, it will not show); if the website chain is the major search engines but also frequently updated, then your website will also account for a lot of light. Because the search engine will also link site corresponding updates, then you don’t need to pay to the search engine company to help you update (such as "Baidu")

B, whether it is big classified list included (such as: Dmoz, Yahoo); this website PR low only a temporary thing, a little time after a month will be longer, their PR will fly, then you exchange with others, others may not be agreed, all should be treated the things of the long-term vision to


, C, has been included in most of the pages on the site; if a website is of good quality and reasonable structure, then it is >

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