if you want me to choose the same website promotion of the best weapon. So I will not hesitate to choose: soft! Surely someone will ask me, why is the best way to promote the soft? So many other methods are not as good as? Then listen to me to say, well, maybe you will agree with me.

I do

station is a year, now in http://s.wozaixiao.com.cn network on station has been two weeks, through the written text, not only all the engines are included, and the flow is also soaring. Believe that the next PR update should be more than 2. And I did not stand before what flow, no PR, no weight, no flow. The highest station is only about 1500 of the IP. That would have nothing to understand, completely novice and rookie, think oneself built a station, how wonderful, but do not know to become a real webmaster, need to learn too much. From the use of procedures to the template changes, from the LOGO production to the collection of content, from the editor to the release of information, this series of actions are often completed by the webmaster. The station is so open, you will find the old webmaster computer more than 2, a picture is more beautiful ah ah, what picture is the webmaster to use, beauty may be in order to enrich the content of the website or is seductive, avatar is removed from the props must highlight the charm of the forum. The more than 2 is the software, FLASH, FIREWORKS, FRONTPAGE what and so on, these are the webmaster tools to eat, is certainly not one less.

seems to be a little far away, in a word, being a station master is a subject of learning. Every day the webmaster will be in the process of standing in the face of such or such problems, as time passes, there will be a lot of experience, feelings. This is to write the soft text buried a good foreshadowing. I often put the soft as a diary to write, why? Because in the promotion of the site can also record their life bit by bit, and you can put yourself into the whole network, I will feel so happy. So, soft Wen exactly is how a good law? The benefits are very much, listen to me:

1, bring information to others. No useful information or not, as long as your writing skills is not too bad, basically seen people can understand what you mean, in others you received this information at the same time, your website information will also be recorded on the other side of the brain, regardless of the depth of memory, one day the man you may think there seems to be such a station, in the search for you at the same time, it brings you the real flow. Remember: don’t let anyone else remember your website, even if they don’t think of you for a while, but one day he will use you, except the garbage station, hey.

2, a substantial increase in your outer chain. A good soft Wen, see people will have a strong resonance, often will copy it down, share with others, in the process of continuous sharing, your >!

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