a few days ago, vip.com special offer sale, do you remember? Lining T-shirt price 199 yuan only 19 yuan can grab this to stimulate consumption behavior makes many buyers shouting fun, I myself have to panic buying once, but pay attention to the time of late, out of stock. Of course, said today the key points in this topic, but now from the electricity supplier development opportunities Chinese Weihuo sales.

vip.com’s opportunities for development

in recent years garment enterprises encountered a real winter, far not said that the name China local sporting goods company Lining as an example, the enterprises in the 2008 Olympic Games to achieve brand J growth, the rapid expansion of production scale, leading to inventory pressure surge, now get news, Lining’s clothing inventory is still worth 1 billion and these excess clothing, although the enterprise has brought enormous financial pressure, but for some business enterprises, has ushered in the opportunity for development. Like the sale of vip.com, because of such a wealth of resources to support, vip.com in a short period of time to get the support of many users, and in the third and fourth quarters of 2012 earnings. To know that vip.com’s market share is not a lot, but gross margin is as high as 20%, in Li Guoping’s words, even if vip.com can make money selling ninety percent off.


is the achievement or achievement of poop poop, vip.com

because of the success of vip.com and the domestic market of the "strong", so some have the same idea of the electricity supplier project operation, such as where the customer is about to launch the sale channel, the Jingdong’s "one yuan Tour" and Wu Bo’s North American music. Do not use a "Weihuo" concept to replicate the success of vip.com without these items, but when the electricity supplier behavior when vip.com this grass root is copied, and the number of home appliance business products can survive and win? I don’t need too much time to consider, we can give the answer. At least in my opinion, the only product will guide the development practices Weihuo sales electricity supplier is not still has the large scale.

, let’s talk about why vip.com is successful, for four reasons.

one, able to accurately grasp what consumers need, to ensure the quality of their buyers, in order to ensure the supply of goods, fashion generous enough, and customer price control in the range of acceptable.

second, do not do something, such as not taken from the construction of logistics, but enough energy to supplement and supply the user experience, such as focusing on the transformation of real time goods makes vip.com on the SKU reaction quite rapidly, to achieve the ultimate brand sale.

third, in the luxury group buying and similar industry competition to seek differentiated development. Many people love will be attributed to the vip.com luxury group purchase, it is not a luxury, group purchase industry faces timing supplement supply, put it bluntly, the luxury market has little mass on the poop. "

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