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in "personal website online customer service system (one)", I was to introduce what is the online customer service system, what are the benefits, why can be divided into categories, as well as several important common site online customer service system to explain. The three questions in this paper in order to solve the mentioned at the beginning of the article: "why do some sites have online customer service, some websites? Why do some sites online customer service has the initiative to invite some websites, no? Why do some online customer service offered 1 times, and some sites have invited many times?" as the basic context, to continue to the personal website of online customer service system view.

Some websites have

online customer service system, some sites do not; this is a basic situation, in fact, the vast majority of the site is not online customer service, there is no need to have online customer service, such as the flow station of some individual owners, to what do online customer service? In addition to advertising will occupy the position, slow down web page open speed, it is not what. But for some of the website to provide value-added services, such as online sale of a virtual or real product and service website, there is a line for charging services online promotional site, such as training institutions and hospitals, these are very need of online customer service. Needless to say, I need to say more here. Increasing turnover is one of the most important factors. Online customer service is very important for the two types of site visitors, a hesitation, he may be your customers, or may not, he hesitated, online customer service function is through direct dialogue so that he does not hesitate; the second is the lazy type, general network information station the introduction, but the visitors impatient, went up to ask the customer service, customer service function is to help the people to answer questions and guide them to become your customers.

some sites in the new customer service is offered, some sites do not; this may be a lot of people are not very familiar with, is not familiar with what is offered, actually very common, in some sites, we often see a dialog box on the page, write the "advisory service" and "later" etc. This is the initiative to invite the prompt and so on. Visitors open a web page, first of all, will be directly invited by the active invitation to the dialog box, this time by the visitors decide whether or not to dialogue with customer service. This kind of active invitation customer service often appears in the hospital, the training course and so on some minority groups of customers higher price organization’s website, but will not appear in the populace kind of unit price is not very big on the sale website. The reason is very simple, take it every day if VANCL, millions of people visit it, an initiative to invite the online customer service, will greatly enhance the probability of visitor dialogue, the estimated tens of thousands of customer service for the service of a system, and the fact that every single customer to the sales volume and profit is not very high, even as the customer service of a day’s wage is high! And some small Taobao store is not the same, just a day can have access to hundreds of people on the good, to enhance the customer conversation rate >

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