whether we do business websites or personal blogs, we want our website to be known to more people, and the ultimate goal is to switch to sales products or advertising fees through site visits. Recently she also took over several enterprise website promotion, through the operating experience up to 7 unstable ranking factors. I believe that it is also a reference for some friends who are in and out of the website, and I hope that more friends will give me some advice.


factor 1, content quality issues. About website content quality, we are on all sorts of website promotion course on the Internet, can see relevant course, must pay attention to originality. Search engines prefer original content, repeated duplication or collection of content, for the very low weight of new sites, the negative impact is great. Whether enterprise website or blog, we best need original content, there is no original, but also to suppress the original content out. Now that you choose this business, you need to learn to write. Content is not good, you will greatly reduce the future promotion effect.

factor two, website revision. Sometimes we receive a website need to do promotion, the early may be some keywords ranking is good, but in order to achieve our desired effect, definitely need to site revision. Whether the site revision structure, or modify the title, will have more or less influence on the site keywords ranking. You may be in the revision of the short term, the snapshot will be updated to the latest, but after a period of time, the keyword will disappear. Such a situation does not matter, we need to think about whether it needs revision, is it under the control of the risk brought about by revision?. If you can accept the transition period of 1-2 months, then the revision is no problem. Revision, it is best to retain the original data, and other new content included, and then gradually delete the old data.

factor three, website space issues. Spatial instability is the hardware reason for keyword ranking. I have experienced such a situation, some time ago my blog is because the space is not stable, leading to lower included, key words down. Now the space is stable, has been restored included. Because the space is unstable, it will seriously affect the user’s access, while affecting the spider crawling, grab data. Of course, lead to keyword ranking problem.

factor four, site poisoning. I encountered a thing before, I found a business website to open very card, loaded when inadvertently in the browser bottom left corner to see the nesting of INFRAME, I open the source code to see, the original is installed Trojan horse. Of course, the site’s ranking is not good, and in the Google search results appear, there is a Trojan horse website information, seriously affecting the user’s access. In this case, we need to maintain the most website security. CMS or programs that need better security.

factor five, external link factor. External links are one of the most important factors that affect our website rankings. A good external link will promote the ranking of trace text, if

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