. When you see the topic, you may think it is bragging, but I want to tell you that this is true, and nothing is impossible.

      everybody, look at my

      search group travel network – starting from Beijing, travel routes quote Daquan – happy mood, summer came, go out together, content is not much, but very delicate, the main keywords are included.

      first of all, I want to emphasize the direction. If you are big and whole, similar to Ctrip like that, advise you not to trouble, no one will pay attention to you, even if you use rogue plug-in promotion, also just short-term give you pleasure. Because the Internet users have recognized their brand, and have a certain habit of use, your station if there is no feature, it is almost impossible to do. Therefore, we must first find a good direction: vertical web site, the more detailed the better, and only in the depth of effort, it is possible to become www.sotuan.com and so on.

      again, talk about ways to make travel websites. Traffic determines everything. Without traffic, there is no money..

      (1) we are now a lot of famous tourism sites are known to all stations, cooperate with them almost impossible, if possible, the price is particularly large, find some high quality than their own site, to change their advertising position, a significant position of the link this is also good, can not only provide IP, can rapidly improve pr. Anyway, their free advertising, the table is lying.

      (2) strengthen complementary website cooperation. Should cooperate and some solid website, so you can attract more attention, such as travel website, web sites, and outdoor sites can cooperate. One of the most important is to cooperate with content complementary websites, this effect is better.

      (3) to the description of the site. A lot of personal and company websites are focus on the content and framework construction for the website, only put a contact address and this is not enough, you should be more sure about your bird visitors want to know what? Is the company registered capital or update frequency or something else?.

        (4) routine promotion. Almost every webmaster knows SEO, BBS propaganda and so on, these are more realistic way to pull.

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