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closed the forum, I think a lot of things, of course, to begin but for various reasons did not go ahead, so make a decent again for a long period of time to the website. I love listening to music, this is my interest, so one day I found on the Internet a music program, the Hangzhou youth is the earliest, HTML version is not generated, the feeling page is good, feeling very practical function, so they began to see that, debugging, modification, no more waste the strength I’ve become a like a decent model music website, oh feel a lot of progress.

and nothing else. A very simple music station. It was a very important milestone for me in the past. I am pure update album, everything else no matter, there are about 1000 IP every day, when I know ALEXA, I originally from other places scattered know ALEXA, PV, and more interested in is special for this article to read, I did not know at the time behind, only know the Webmaster Station, station network, so please don’t mind my music station from the beginning with very limited knowledge and scanty information, millions of people suddenly one day to 200 thousand, that excited ah, not to express the mood of that time with words, ^_^.

one day I sent a URL in stationmaster net, but others keep abreast posted my management page (I did not change the management page file name database is changed. ) and listed my administrator name and password. Fortunately, I was still in the webmaster net, and I saw it. Immediately change the password, and then ask the person who posted my password (water irrigation Union), ask him how he knows, and what method can solve this problem?. Disappear. That time was particularly anxious, think of all the time is how to solve this problem, then one day I was browsing web (not advertising.) when we heard a new term – SQL injection, so look carefully, and then find the content, there is no way that specific when is I cannot read. So I use the most stupid way, modify the management page file name, I think that there is no account, password management, you can not ah landing page (so there laughing). The stupid method did work, and for months, no one bothered my backstage. May stand small, master do not start.

I’ve been with

source code analysis of their music address, saying the Daolian! E star music, this is my first network Daolian place, I feel his speed update soon, but can be very convenient to hotlinking, so we chose him, his site can be seen from the source code. Convenient, die. We would like to continue to steal down, to stop doing, not what other ideas, one day she found that music can not play, are unable to connect, so I went to look at the star E, open source code is so Shumenshulu, and then to my surprise, not with a list > behind the music.

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