we build a new website, how to do so that he can be included in the search engine at the fastest speed? This is what many webmasters are studying. However, the promotion of new sites will take a long time, new sites have just been built, I would like to have a lot of traffic, it is impossible. Is there a way to shorten the process as much as possible is


when you create a station will find that Baidu will stand you included in two to three weeks (I will create a new station, morning activated, and then in the afternoon on the income of the home, the interval of about 3 weeks before the beginning of the normal included, this is also a kind of situation), but Google is different, Google for new sites, will be very fast included, for this reason many webmasters are not clear conclusion, I according to their own ideas briefly explain: the search engine included in your article will be stored in the search engine of the sandbox, without being put out, so the owners do not have to worry about their own station is not included.

how should the promotion of new website be done, the effect can be best?

first of all, according to the content of their website to find some keywords (don’t find too hot), in Baidu and Google search, appear in the home page, don’t do, if it is inside, then do. Then, some of the better ranking of the site’s title and description stick down, summed up their own analysis, to earn their own web site, do a good job links. New sites of the chain is difficult to do, so we can first in the chain, to ensure that the chain can not appear in the dead link, or is accurate link with each other, this is the search should be light of a friendly way.

again is the website’s meta, page layout, internal links optimization, pay attention to ensure that the site to regular updates. The last is to actively submit to the entrance of the search engine, do some of the same type of friendship links. Such a period of time the search engine update, your site will certainly be included, if the contents of the original degree is high, it is easy to be ranked in the home page, search engine will continuously according to user changes, when you learn from others don’t follow SEO technology, the first analysis is not suitable for their own and whether it meets the user experience, and then make the corresponding revision.

finally remind everybody is not too frequent revision sites, to know that this is the new station is the most taboo point; and there is no guarantee that all your keywords can be ranked first, because of the influence of the factors too much, and the search engine has constantly changed, so the webmaster must to observe the timely adjustment, in order to ensure they stand a good ranking.

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