aims at the vast expanse of maternal and child markets in the market, preparing to be a Qinhuangdao Parenting Network, providing local mothers with various parenting information, consumer information, parenting activities, and so on.

at the beginning of April for the space and domain space applications down can be used, but the application of the domain name also need a period of time for the record to use, chose to use an old domain name pointing to the two level domain name space.

did not choose local debugging, and chose to build, perfect and update the website directly in the space, because in cooperation with friends from different places, it can only be debugged on the internet.

We consider the

search engine included questions, in the new time domain is not enabled, we do not want to Baidu website, if Baidu included the old domain name, may later be very troublesome, we decided to choose the shielding Baidu, but it brings us more trouble.

, according to online tutorials, shielding Baidu is very simple, just need such a small piece of code

User-agent: Baiduspider

Disallow: /

put it in the robot.txt file and upload it to the root directory of the web site.

we thought that Everything will be fine., but it turned out to be "over".

during this period has been concerned about, search engine included changes, don’t know is the code is wrong, or this method is useless, during this period, Baidu still included the old domain name web site home page. 10 days later, the new domain name filed, immediately bound, and revoked the old domain name and robot.txt file.

But Baidu

, anger, don’t you let me, I will not accept, the new domain name has not been included, although we every day of the original, do moderate to high weight website promotion, but is not to attract Baidu spider. Baidu

to hold a grudge!

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