as before written "two level domain name do station research four", in fact, two domain name do stand also stand. When you look at him and pay him hard work and sweat, he will always pay off more or less. If you don’t stand by him and ignore him, you won’t get paid in return. There is a saying that, as long as you pay, you will be rewarded more or less, but you will never give anything without paying. Today, I want to talk about the relationship between stand and stick.

you can think of webmaster, from the beginning to do a website now made a total of several websites? Now there are few websites? What our hands in the end whether we stay? Consistent from beginning to end in the it has been doing it until he succeed? Is a word I am love, success is simple things repeat to do. In fact, it’s great to do one thing in your life. We are not have this kind of idea, give yourself every day to arrange the many tasks, also like a lot of projects, but eventually these "great" scares, eventually abandoned the execution, to the last look back what is not in fact I feel left with nothing whatsoever? Many people are like this, if you have this idea to think about, I can put things aside and concentrate on the first to do one thing. In fact, sometimes, giving up is more difficult than choosing.

Remember when

gave me the Enlightenment of the higher the teacher told me a story. He first asked us, "who is more likely to succeed than smart people?" and then the story began. It is said that time is very popular martial arts, so there is a stupid person to worship a master of martial arts. But this person is too stupid, learn to go to a trick, all learn not, and go with the people are practicing small, have become. The master was very disappointed with him. There is a master pass to his residence, alone to guide him, but he learned a long time or not half a moves, the teacher angry and desperate to go, before leaving the gas into the hands of a stick thrown out of the door. But the disciples really stupid, he had to master before this action as a team, and throw up a day in and day out year after year, he may think that this is a good learning. Different sticks became more heavy iron. The master accidentally passed by and saw him throwing a stick. He shook his head helplessly. Something happened in many years later, one day, a martial arts master came off, all the disciples are finally defeated, the teacher also wounded. Seeing the Tiguan expert to signs here removed, at this moment, the disciple arrived, with a shout, in the hands of the bar at the master, the master suddenly fell to the ground vomit blood, abandoned the martial arts. After reading the story, in fact, the beginning of the question naturally has the answer, stupid and smart people compared to the stupid people are more likely to succeed. Because stupid people are easier to hold on to something that looks boring. As time goes on, quantitative changes have taken place. This is also a point many people have long mentioned now: concentration. And it’s not easy for smart people to succeed

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