the first headache for many people who plan to be a webmaster is the web site of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The most objectionable is the ministry requires each site must be operational for the record, and record the site must be in the web page with the ICP record number, and ICP number attached to the Ministry of filing website address, the Ministry website PageRank is therefore their record to PR9, while the average small sites are affected. For example, before last year’s "harmony" time, many well-known IDC have sacked, many websites have closed. Of course, this year’s "vulgar" event. A number of non filing websites were forced to close down a few days ago as a result of low speed events. But the filing procedures are complicated, the efficiency is low but also attracted a lot of people condemning, many websites are not filed by a few months.

now how to handle this things, because this is the Ministry will be more cautious, but fortunately I finally after a month of record success, we will share some ‘experience’ opinionated as follows:

first: choose a powerful space site for a large IDC. Now the US orange Internet domain name, network, network, network in which personal feeling is not very good. Of course, it would be better if that IDC promised free generation records.

secondly: in filling in the information for the record, must be accurate, true and effective, otherwise it is difficult to easily through.

will have a lot of trouble, be sure to be accurate and real. No assumptions, random guesses. Do not understand the place must ask the space provider customer service, so as to ensure accuracy, because the filing system to modify it is too difficult.

third: polite and polite advice. After all of the above, you have to wait for a long time. During this period, you will have a good relationship with your space service provider, the Ministry of industry and the local communications authority. But you don’t have to be free, you have to start telling your space provider, contact their customer service, tell them you put it on record, and ask them to go through it quickly. As long as you don’t pick the wrong first step, this step should be easy. This is to recommend Kazakhstan "holidays", usually in the holiday period before filing the application, the Bureau of the audit rate is quite rapid. So we can submit it before the holiday, which will be passed soon. Hee hee…… That’s not everyone knows, oh,


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