maybe do personal site geek too much, plus related technology magazine website hype, in the eyes of ordinary people seems easy, than cooking is ah, take Frontpage to do only a resume and interest of the individual website is a thing, in the early stage of China Internet began to develop, almost most of the website construction are very simple, the difficulty is very small, very few things to consider. But after the website has been commercialized, the site becomes more and more complex, and the topic becomes more and more important. Let’s take a look at the actual site construction process:

site location plan > > > data collection; site framework set > site > process definition; all column page framework sketches > column page layout at all levels; > page template > static page production / backstageprocedure development (also in >); > page integration; LAN debugging > release (upload / server / database configuration) > WWW > > officially released; commissioning; never ending maintenance (until the closure of the site so far).

each of these steps requires a different type of professional to complete, and some often require a variety of professionals to work together to complete. Just put together these sorted documents, it won’t be a book too thin. And also consider the details of how to maintain / coordinate the division of labor. This shows that this is a systematic project. When someone actually works as part of a project into a quasi – business site, then he never says, "everyone will build it."

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