March 23, 2010 3 in the morning, a vibration China Internet community, Chinese users vibration happened, Google Chinese formally withdrew from the mainland Chinese, visit the site to in Chinese jump directly inland, that is to say we are now visiting Google is the access server in Hongkong.


Google to make such a decision is difficult, including the Chinese Google hope that the people of the world, can enjoy the service of Google, but Google and China in the negotiations get clear information, no censorship of search is illegal, so Google believe that through the use of to provide no censorship the search result is a wise choice, because the service in Hongkong that is completely legal, but also help users get more information, Chinese. Google is clear that this may mean that the search service is blocked at any moment, but Google hopes the Chinese government will respect Google’s decision. In addition, Google has created a web page updated every day to test mainland China’s access to Google services.

, now we’re visiting directly and automatically jump to The homepage says: "welcome to Google’s new home in China."". This indicates that Google has been really want to give up, Google search service Chinese China finally withdrew, in addition, Google music, Google hot list, iGoogle service can still access in China.

review of the incident, and then review the whole China Internet, from the prohibition of China personal webmaster forum (need special filing) to prohibit individuals registered China domestic domain (, and to the present on the Internet a major reorganization, CCTV exposure site, the large Internet companies are in the among them.

before and after the whole event has experienced so for 3 years, the final result is the personal webmaster website all to go abroad to buy a server, all registered international domain name registration domestic domain cannot, at the end of the Google Chinese out of mainland.

from the event to the final result we can see that the government is not able to stop stop China users, can also be said to stop Internet open their own characteristics, China Internet in every year at a high speed in the growth of Internet users is increasing year by year. Of course, we can say some pornographic website information is hated, but China Internet management strategy is killed by a stick, all personal forum must be closed, all individuals cannot >

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