in the Admin5 Adsense nets to see an article entitled "going out to bask in an ordinary webmaster over the total income, a webmaster summed up his date from the 2004 income," 04 years of -200; 05 -200; 06 -400; 07 -1100; 08 -500; 09 -4900; 10 to 4.12 years have been spending -11450, have income of 7400, is expected to achieve profitability". The Internet is full of opportunities, but not everyone can find and grasp, some people will be able to harvest the first pot of gold in the short term, some people may not, this is the Internet opportunities.

although the Network Entrepreneurship investment is low, the threshold is low, resistance is small, failure has not been so great pressure, but entrepreneurship is always risky and difficult. As mentioned above, the author, in the past 5 years, unable to make ends meet, accumulated a total investment of 7300 yuan, there is no income, not including energy and time investment, as well as the pressure of all aspects of the spirit. Whether online or in reality, entrepreneurship is not easy, in addition to the choice of a good project, it is important, as well the truth, there is water underground, but if not every time a little deeper, always can’t drink the water.

The authors of

network business experience on the way caused a lot of stationmaster of resonance, many people have similar experiences, the site need to invest a lot of money, time, energy, and so on, but also bear a lot of pressure. Just imagine what kind of friends you will look at. What you have paid for all these years, no income, no return, only constant pay and constant persistence. In modern society, income is the hard truth, difficult to achieve before the process of income as can be imagined, many people would give up halfway, adhere to the road because it is too difficult, the road is long and endless, along the way is not a fly pellmell. Unknown, to continue to pay, will have the possibility of going out of the dark. Along the way, did you walk quietly or quietly?

in the A5 forum has such a post, "if you are still young, I hope you do not do webmaster, because you will lose a lot of", the so-called "wall outside" people want to come in, the wall inside people want to go out. The Internet is a circle, the outside people want to join in, that there are many "Nuggets" opportunity, want to realize their dreams here; fought in circles for a long time people wanting to leave, but no way back, can only continue to adhere to. Although the Internet makes the earth a global village, it also makes your life circle narrower and narrower, and the mentality becomes narrower and narrower. "The Internet is a bottomless pit, whether early, intermediate or late, successful people, 90% are the early completion of the primitive accumulation, with the cash into the internet." And 10% of the rest of the people to achieve success is difficult, and achievements are only rare.


of each industry is a typical success, who will become a typical case, be told.

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