for enterprises engaged in e-commerce, to expand sales by increasing the strength of enterprises, has no ground for blame whenever an initial stage, enterprises are relying on the first sales to survive on, when a certain degree of capital market, it is more time planning and management system, step by step make the enterprise out just around the sales thriving. A thoughtful leader knows that every stage of the sales is not necessarily suitable for enterprise growth, wealth is the source of many aspects.

subdivides an enterprise. The component of an enterprise consists of the main body, the personnel and the assets of the enterprise. The main body of an enterprise constitutes the core of enterprise life, and its existence has laid a foundation for the development of an enterprise. The second is the enterprise personnel, the body provides a certain growth space, the deployment of personnel to be realized, people constitute the key things that exist in the success of the launch, for enterprises, is in expanding the main body of the enterprise, also in creating value for enterprises, and finally comes down to personal success. As for the enterprise assets, and this is reflected in the hardware and software enterprise, can be understood as the enterprise’s tangible assets and intangible assets, tangible assets can be invested and the scale of enterprises, intangible assets are more reflected in the brand effect and word of mouth.

of course, the structure of the enterprise general can think so, but the development of enterprise from real and realistic gap, enterprises have long-term planning is a good thing, step by step into action but there are a lot of distance. We believe that the history of famous enterprises, go through the sale of such a stage, through the sale to brand, increase brand awareness, improve performance, and ultimately have a certain economic strength to a wide range of business. For e-commerce companies that rely on the Internet, it is difficult to escape this fate.

modern sales philosophy: sales is an advisory type of sales, only in a customer consultant way to sell, in order to achieve sales success. Sales are seen as enterprises to enhance the performance of the most efficient means to exclude the use of improper means of competition, sales have everyone involved in the social scale, not only in the enterprise, in all walks of life are able to use, and can obtain the corresponding value in return. Back to e-commerce enterprises, spread point to point, face-to-face sales model may not necessarily be suitable for operation on the internet. Because with the development of the Internet, the channels for people to obtain information are no longer limited to traditional channels, and new sales channels of enterprises are being built step by step. At this time, a new sales model will appear, the sales network, which is a part of the whole marketing strategy of enterprises, which is based on Internet, with the help of a means of marketing in Internet marketing to achieve certain goals.


sales network has been recognized as a more advantage than traditional sales sales model, break through the limits of time and space, with the help of the Internet and communications equipment can complete a series of communication, the ultimate purpose also realized the effect of pre >

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