a few days ago in a group to communicate with other owners, some owners asked whether the statistics of 51YES real and effective, I personally think it is not how, although he is old brand, but indeed, his statistics is extremely accurate, even a reference to you, to write this article, I hope 51YES the webmaster and other webmasters laugh after reading…


station to the room 80 servers modify maintenance mode yesterday, that is to say, at least 80 IP! Today to see statistics found that 51YES has only 1 IP statistics, which in the end is not to lose the data or system maintenance data in


these three are just section of the map, the data we all see it, 7 IP, 7 PV` antecedents analysis shows 17 IP, and from statistics to now, has not appeared 17 this figure,


has been depressed, 80 IP, a 1 IP, 7 IP is 17 IP? Back and watch the new old user data, once again found the problem, showed that 7 IP were 5 new customers, 2 old users, 2 old users including 1 old users first visit? The first is old users? What are the 5 new customers? Zeroth visit? After reading this, depressed about the next, and look at page 35 of respondents? Today before the 7 visit, we all know! And then cut picture you see!

after reading this, it is estimated that we are dizzy, in fact, I am more dizzy, and now we have to sort out it, I found the 51YES statistical problems include:

1. error data, the entire computer room of 80 IP fixed to 1 IP!


2. appears to have nothing to do with real data. How did it happen? 7+7=14? Didn’t find any 17?


3. page calculation is not accurate, where 35 access pages? 35 access pages can be calculated, why PV only calculate 7? Say which is right in their own mouth `

4., new and old customers are not clear, if the first visit belongs to a new customer, then why does it show only 1 first visit, 1, third visits? What are those 5?


other do not say more, we all discuss it, because I have a feeling, we will throw tomatoes ` because I can not send maps, so address for everyone to see, `



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