no matter who, in this materialistic and selfish desires, unprecedented economic society, want to occupy a place of wealth feast. Open "anywhere, are thousand more attractive advertisements, no capital on hand, and want to rich people, it is possible to go online to make the road to join Wangzhuan training, or will be successful, or will be cheated.

entrepreneurial battle! Do three elements: willingness, ability, resources

SEO is an entrepreneur, and a new type of industry venture. SEOER as a new industry entrepreneurs, hard work is difficult, just like in the dark to touch stones across the river. Therefore, the experience of predecessors is particularly important, but everyone walks the way is not the same, blindly imitate is also not good. The so-called "learn from previous experience", not to follow the old path of the old, but the success of the former model, see the opportunity to succeed. So small this is also the depth analysis of a representative Entrepreneur: Yu Minhong and he said you three elements.

at present, domestic employment pressure unprecedented, many college graduates can not find a job, or can not find the right job is an indisputable fact. Want to start your own business, even in the two or three line of the city to open a store to nearly 100 thousand yuan investment, by contrast, on the Internet as long as millions to buy a space, domain name can be started, which makes many college students, there are a lot of unemployed to join Internet entrepreneurship.

survey shows that the domestic income of less than 1000 yuan per head accounted for more than 80%. The fighting in the webmaster Wangzhuan, but can not find the profit model, or can not find the Wangzhuan direction, there is an urgent need for someone to be brought into the door on Wangzhuan, the profitable, which spawned Wangzhuan training industry.

now, open the webmaster website, forum, everywhere shines with a monthly income of million Wangzhuan training advertising, people can not help but point into a look, they are how to achieve a monthly income of over a million, there are bidding training, SEO training, Taobao customer training and so on, of course, there are a large number of rich heresy the operation. Don’t say how true these Wangzhuan, can lead the students out of the plight of Wangzhuan onto the road to get rich. On the training industry is A new force suddenly rises. Wangzhuan is worth studying, what is the birth of this industry, and what to let owners repeatedly fooled sharpened to participate in various training.

three, the trend of wealth unprecedented

most entrepreneurs, or do not understand the program, do not understand or do not understand website construction, network marketing, promotion, how they need someone with a natural, natural born Wangzhuan training.

therefore, it takes a long and relentless process to irrigate the flower of a firm will. First of all, we should find out what our will is and what is the ideal. Entrepreneurship is not to rely on a large but Emmanuel prompted by a sudden impulse Sheng, have a vague desire, and then continue to torture their own this is not my dream. To be successful, you need to know where you want to go. When the inner thoughts are truly strong, they will continue to strengthen their will. How to enhance their own wishes? There are many methods, such as learn more about this information, and in the field of human contact, are a good way to enhance their willingness of success, with entrepreneurial intention, want to succeed will have the possibility of success.

open any Wangzhuan training page, all students claim whether migrant workers or students, as long as you have passion, >

a, there is market demand, higher training demand unprecedented

two, the Internet is one of the lowest threshold revenue streams

wishes more than anything: soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers,

In fact, >

Yu Minhong, in the minds of 80 and 90 entrepreneurs, is definitely a God figure. He started from scratch and succeeded in becoming the head of new oriental. Believe that every entrepreneur has definitely heard at least one Yu Minhong speech. Yu Minhong spoke for a while about his secret of success, the three elements of his success: willingness, ability, and resources. This is also a small volume today to depth analysis of the content.

four, difficult to resist the psychological training Wangzhuan marketing

said this sentence is very empty, each SEOER will say, I want to be successful. Of course I want to be successful, who do not want to be successful. But when paid a lot are not rewarded, you really can stick to their original dream, unswervingly follow the initial decision to walk? So small it can be said that in the three points, will look simple, in fact, is the most difficult. Will this kind of thing be too abstract to be available anytime, anytime?. At the same time, she is too fragile, need time to firm maintenance, and can be a little difficult breakdown.

according to the "white paper" in 2010 Chinese Internet webmaster survival and development status shows: Chinese webmaster, especially to fight a lone battle of personal webmaster, survival situation is worrying, 42.2% of the owners also do not have any income, the monthly income of not more than 2500 yuan owners rose from 60% in 2009 to 80.5%, 58% of the Chinese stationmaster income from 500 yuan, the main mode of online advertising is still profitable advertising alliance webmaster, sh419 alliance as the representative of the support of the owners of the daily life.

as the saying goes, do not want to be a general is not a good soldier, not an enemy to win the heart, how can play his weapon. How can you go your own way without the urge to be successful and to succeed? So, to succeed, the will to succeed is better than anything else.

ability is the foundation of success: a force can not and will not light.

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