searches for weight loss websites on the Internet to copy the weight loss articles in those hot places and put them in good templates.

first, a web page is full of advertisements, like fzl183/jianfei/1.html, this page template is found in a GG hit rate of 1.9 on the site, at the same time put on high advertising words, this page I mainly do is lose advertising, although after testing, price is not too high, but or the price is much higher than the non mainstream. Optimize the page appropriately and try to show something about weight loss as much as possible.

first of all, looking for the right project. A good project can get rid of the novice’s high hat, and a good project comes from an idea that can be implemented. Many people know more, so many people, has become a waste of creativity, I think that we should all understand, do the network to make money, he does not know how to make money, but also do not believe or suspect the authenticity of the network to make money. See online about who earned how much money, also wanted to try to find ways to make money online, but has been afraid of being cheated, did not dare to cross the first step of success. So I live a nine to five life, wasting a lot of time and even losing confidence in money. Now there are many types of wangzhuan. Among them, the webmaster to make money is a site to earn friends to participate. Other projects are common users can also participate in. You may want to find the most easy to participate in, as well as the most representative of the project to do so, to understand its characteristics. Then get more involved in the project. You may often see a lot of Wangzhuan advertising, what to say, make a few hundred, are true or not? The station that is mostly false. Because the project is so good, it won’t be made public. Therefore, we should choose the actual project to do, rather than being misled by false advertising, to participate in some false projects, do a white.


is the last page in the website to promote the advertising, for example, I have two JS files, all placed in the home to the most prominent position, a written form, try to use those weight-loss sites on the title, because after the test, the hit rate is very high. A flash picture playback form, if you use the picture as a guide, try to put a little temptation picture, so that you can improve the click through rate, after all, the Internet of small color accounted for a large proportion.

to really increase advertising revenue, try to test more expensive advertising words. See which one earns more and which again.

builds directories on the web and puts good pages on it. If you want to make a special column of words also, non mainstream sites that station modeled on sh419 ranked first, do some non mainstream non mainstream clothing, jewelry, dress Liang, column.

recently encountered a garbage station, site visits to 250IP day, GG a month income is $more than 100, he did not let me see his website, just taught me a few strokes, the first to share with you, hope your website income soared.

finally, I wish you all a fortune.

Wangzhuan success is to have patience, Wangzhuan is an art, is also a job, it is also a kind of persistence. Met a lot of people are not good to do Wangzhuan, no clue, do not know where to start, so many people began to find textbooks, hoping to achieve a better effect by a simple method to make money. But the result is to buy the teaching material, actually do not understand, do not know what is written in the textbook, and then began to give up. A network of newcomers to learn is too much, such as basic knowledge, some Wangzhuan and SEO, bidding and so on, are to contact and to learn. If no one takes you to school, it’s hard to learn on your own. It takes at least a year to learn

" in Wangzhuan this line, veteran; " the word, not too much, modestin should have 2 years of experience, two years since the station " in our business entertainment; 2009" – trouble in the process of, and to overcome the difficulties, finally it is today daily income of 200 yuan of small, experienced during the groundless talk there is no detail, today is to share with you to years of my Wangzhuan experience —

in many webmaster, do not mainstream website is not a few, but many people complain that non mainstream class website GG unit price too, earn money. Indeed, I have the same feeling, I present the non mainstream station fzl183 day visits a large number of four, five thousand IP, PV also has four and fifty thousand GG, but the daily income of only two, three knife, a month down may be less than $one hundred. We put in a lot of effort and time to make websites, and the income is so small, it is also a painful thing.

I use

to find the right project, but also to find ways to promote, promotion of many ways, such as through personal blog, website, or to each effective BBS post promotion. As for how to be more effective, we need to continue to test and correct. As long as you are willing to try, you will come up with a set of effective ways to promote it. Not only Wangzhuan, a lot of things are actually like this.

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