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cat alliance will, as always, committed to online product promotion business, and strive to build a real professional alliance platform, and the majority of webmaster work together, and common development!

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advertising is everywhere. People are beginning to get tired of advertising. If you can hide it, it will not only let the public know about your brand, but also increase public friendliness. Throughout many large ads, the common thing is that the business information of products and brands has become part of the entertainment content.

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in real life, many companies advertising costs more than half are dashuipiao, but these enterprises do not know naught part there; with the improvement of living standards, people began to pursue a higher level of consumption. When advertising overwhelming attack, only to hide your ads, let consumers see advertising as a form of entertainment, accepted in the mood did not alert, so as to achieve a good result. Remember that SEMSO webmaster and I said, he said that in the Paralympic torch relay, let Li Duan guide dog wearing a on the clothing, on their website name brand promotion is very helpful. Of course, this idea is impossible, but his words give me the idea to hide the advertisement.

hidden advertising is advertising as an element of the plot to deal with the media, the advertising content hidden in the plot, in a very comfortable way, to show their products or brand to consumers, for consumers to accept from the heart. The most important thing about a hidden ad is to make yourself better camouflaged.

VIP CPC advertising prices from 07 years in December 5th will increase to 45 yuan /1000IP, hope VIP members can increase advertising efforts and increase the number of ad clicks, make profit more ideal. At the same time, we expect more high-quality webmaster to increase our efforts to meet our VIP standards and apply for our VIP membership. At the same time, VIP members will receive the "mop alliance" optimization proposal for advertising, and enjoy more opportunities for cooperation with MOP, including friendship connection, marketing activities, brand promotion, etc..

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with a large number of advertisements filled with people’s attention, attention and trust has been very little from the consumer. Because of the rapid development of economy and increase of people living pressure, the pace of life more and more, so many people feel that time is precious, it is also in our advertising should be a consideration, because the time has begun to have commercial value. The lack of time also means lack of attention, but for businesses, attracting consumer attention will be an asset. With the advent of the information age and the flood of information, businesses are beginning to take the consumer’s attention as one of the highlights of the competition, and getting attention has become an important opportunity in the new economic era.

December 4, 2007,

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

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upgrade to this batch of VIP members have the following ID:, jingcan, mop_654789, zh55, n63n63, ATA, shanzi. These members will be settled at the bottom of the time each month to 45 yuan /1000IP Commission Standard for settlement. In addition, the following VIP members: qu12312, wxtd, wyun, 99dy, booksky. Since the average number of IP for two consecutive months has not reached the VIP standard, the station will be canceled this month VIP qualification, and need to re participate in the VIP qualification audit. I hope you will continue your efforts and strive for more revenue.

thank you very much for your continued support and long-term trust in the cat alliance. We selected the last month in the cat alliance advertising, traffic is relatively stable, IP high quality, no cheating records, and advertising average click in 3000IP above webmaster, become our VIP member.

has a higher advertising conversion rate,

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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