below is the exchange meeting record:

the marathon has been heating up in the country over the past few years. The runners went out and the race soared. In the past 2016, the national average of less than 1.5 days, there will be a marathon. However, as a marathon runner, I’m not happy with the marathon being fashionable.

Ma Yun, the keynote speaker of the day, attended the exchange meeting between Ma Yun and young people, from dream to successful business, held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition center. The exchange will be open for the citizens of Hongkong, Ma will lecture in Hongkong after the news, the exchange of the tickets are booked in ten minutes. Before the exchange meeting started, the central area of the Convention and Exhibition Center was blocked once, and the activities had to be postponed.

the exchange will be hosted by the solidarity Hongkong fund, which is headed by Dong Jianhua, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference CPPCC and the first chief executive of the Hongkong SAR government, and is also an adviser to the fund.

venture, so that many afraid of entrepreneurship, or some have technology, but do not want to start the business, can muster the courage to join the tide of entrepreneurship. Without venture capital, many technologies that can produce value may have been put on the shelf. Because with the capital and risk takers who are willing to own the technology entrepreneurs to take risks together, have the ability and willingness to accompany entrepreneurs through, can reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship and risk to a certain extent, improve the probability of success."

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial journey like walk in the cold night, venture capital is sometimes matches, although light and heat are very weak, but can let entrepreneurs feel, entrepreneurship in the long journey, he is not alone.


exchange, the Alibaba group announced the establishment of the Hongkong youth enterprise fund at HK $1 billion, to support young people in Hongkong in their pioneering work and to cultivate entrepreneurship. The fund will assist young entrepreneurs in Hongkong in the Alibaba group’s e-commerce trading market and platform for entrepreneurship, and will start business products and services from Hongkong sales to the mainland market. In addition, the fund will select 200 outstanding graduates from universities in Hongkong each year to practice at the Alibaba group or other companies. Tianya

, however, and marathon 1

One day before the The existence of

a few years ago I began to participate in outdoor hiking, along Xuanzang road Gobi challenge 112 kilometers, and spent more than half a year, preparing for the first full marathon of life. The initial preparation, starting from running and combining, step by step, gradually overweight. When I was sure that my body was ready, I began my first marathon of life from the first Shenzhen marathon. In this game, I buy a professional running shoes, to lay the legs joint muscle paste, prepare adequate salt pills, gels even painkillers, wearing a heart rate watch, even so, I still feel some of the injured left leg. So, every time, when I saw the marathon was injured and even sudden death news, I feel regret, not surprised.

two years of venture capital and marathon is very similar: how long did not use, the original in China almost no one knows "things", quickly become a national topic.

frivolous onrush, silly money

venture investment is always a time of the game, there are rules of value creation, entrepreneurs, investors, despise fool opportunistic frivolous move for fear of lack of law of value, in time, when the wind stops, the tide receded, the "flying pig" will fall to the ground, "swimming naked" is "the emperor’s new clothes".

anchor: Hongkong Solidarity Fund sponsored, "Ma and about youth: from dream to success" will officially begin now! We have to unite the Hongkong fund founder and Chairman Mr. Dong Jianhua to give us a few words.

Sina Technology News February 2nd evening news, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma said in Hongkong today, the new era of opportunities for many young people have a natural advantage. "Young people the knowledge of Hongkong good, Hongkong geographical location, Hongkong located in the globalization of financial position, and the rule of law and perfect all university education, I think China, at present to have such qualities of students is not much, just look at Hongkong today young people dare to take one step."

Ma Yun admitted at the meeting, Alibaba began to venture when I did not expect to go today. He suggests that young entrepreneurs in Hongkong say that entrepreneurs around the world have a difficult, difficult, painful situation, but at least they can do something to change it. Entrepreneurs must complain less, but be good at finding opportunities from other people’s complaints.

"today than 15 years ago have the opportunity, the whole society has great changes, the entire Internet era, the era of data, only just beginning, society is from IT to DT era," Ma said, "if the former is a manufacturing era, today is a creation in. Remember, young Hongkong, that what you know today is something your father has never heard of."

Dong Jianhua: Jack, you see so many wonderful, we welcome you! Dear friends, first of all I want to say sorry, because too enthusiastically, so many people on admission

for this industry, there are too many positive factors in the past period of time. Industry and stock market slump, a large number of social capital turned to venture capital. Government funds at all levels have sprung up, and the threshold for fund-raising has been greatly reduced. The State Council promulgated the "venture capital country ten", the venture capital industry for the first time by the national level so high standards of concern. Chairman of the SFC said that to solve the IPO lake, the road to exit looks like a good situation.

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