so he made a very humble website, providing a variety of copywriting work. In order to reassure customers, but also opened a shop, the process completely go Taobao. Later, introduced by the person, the brother started writing in a literary website, and he had a lot of money every month. Not only is important enough to live comfortably, doing what you love very happy.

to provide server space, and even to submit web sites to search engine services. You can consider ten alternatives when you’re developing a domain name,

It’s easier for

here’s a basic fact: you have to have a website to make money with Adsense, and there’s no alternative. But don’t be afraid, there is nothing like

may be expensive, but it will bring a steady stream of traffic to your site. But say back >

doesn’t even have a website.  

2.1 : Basics: build your website

‘s book, countless people asked me how to make money with Adsense. I’m always willing to help them, but many of them are

I also know a brother, other skills are not, is to play the game first class. His way of making money is simpler. He plays games in front of the computer every day, and sells good things to Taobao and 5173. He earns a lot. Through their case, I found it easier to make money through my own specialty. First of all, it’s something you own. Competition is very small. Secondly, what you provide is direct service, and what you get is real money. There is no question of deduction, and the profit of this kind of profit making model is also very great. I remember reading an article about a man who knows Feng Shui. His job is to do business online to help companies and individuals name, and the annual profit is close to one million.

, a lot of people are made for investment.  

so the first step should be to register the domain name and then buy the server space. One of my favorite sites is Globat, which often offers something like

2.2  give a good name to the website,

a lot of great domains are waiting for you.  

After the last release of

to build a website. With a website, you can use it to make real money.  

if you already have your own website, you can skip this section and go straight to the 2.10 section on improving Adsense revenue.  

uses a good domain name, so I suggest you go to moderndomains or bestnames to see. There are lots of companies that sell domain names for a living.

and then they’ll tell you which ones are available. The price of a domain name will not exceed $20 / year. If you can’t find one, you can

mentioned Wangzhuan, many people think of is to build a site or flow through other methods, then earn advertising fees from various alliances there. Although many people have earned considerable income by this model, it is really out of reach for friends who have no resources to make a fortune by window or click advertising.

actually engage in Wangzhuan do not necessarily want to make money through advertising, but not to have the website. The Internet is just a medium, in a way that is no different from the real world, but there are many technical factors in it, and ordinary people feel mysterious.

first, of course, want to give your website a domain name, but this is not as simple as saying, almost all the good words in the dictionary have been registered almost

you’ll find some good domain names, but the price can range from $50 to $50000. Seriously consider the cost of domain name, a good name

I have a friend to see a lot of people earn money on the net, the heart itch, then joined the army of wangzhuan. But one month down, not only did not earn a lot, but also cheated a lot. In his eyes, the so-called "project" is nothing more than a kind of deception, natural integrity, he can not do it. Just when he was ready to give up, I suggest that he go to Witkey website to see, perhaps there are suitable for their own tasks. As the friend’s writing was good, he quickly found some copywriting tasks and had a successful bid. This allows him to see the hope, but also broaden the thinking, the original online can also make money ah. The next few days, he was buried in front of the computer research, found that many Internet users are looking for someone to write graduation thesis, propaganda, novels and so on. Since you have this skill, why don’t you try?.

do respect for intellectual property rights of civilization station, reprint must note source:

offers free or reduced discounts for one year or so. In fact, domain name registration service providers usually provide a full set of solutions: from the domain name registration domain name

I’m here to give you a brief idea of how to build a website. You can also find a lot of relevant information from the Internet, and I will tell you some useful web sites.

Wangzhuan are talking to develop ideas, personally think that for those who often feel confused but bustling about friends may also calm down, think about what their strengths, maybe gold on your feet.

Many expert

however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful and cheap domain name. And if you don’t use’s domain name, then.Net and.Biz still have

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