so we can sum up the meaning of "tool death", that is, if your core product is defined as a tool attribute, it will be eliminated or replaced sooner or later.

so people gradually got the impression, if you are just a "called to play" tool, then the final fate is only two way, or become a platform of product chain segments, either in the voting with their feet in the dust to dust return to the earth.

on Saturday afternoon, I’m still working, and I’m ready to write about these four years. Maybe a long winded speech, perhaps a few words. Write where and where.


will be in misery early entrepreneurs, see the "disposable" when the standard products do a good job of God, also began to " mailbox" alternative tools to add games, payment, reading function, become a non platform in multi attribute pure, who has since the letter be an anachronism.

so in such fear driven tool products almost all started towards the "platform" goal, social, live, these functional modules of the original core business products or useful or useless, have the spirit of "would rather kill one thousand, >

3, tool products are too limited to use, limited space for expansion;

2, tool products replacement costs low, not retained, not to mention the depth of operation;

paid reading, knowledge communities, fragmentation learning…… With the frequent occurrence of these keywords, the knowledge economy seems to have opened a new round of entrepreneurial cycles, attracting numerous latecomers. At the same time, however, another voice constantly dispelled the idea that "tools die."".

When the

therefore, "tool death" is more like the concentrated expression of the following views:

had installed the necessary tools, Download anti-virus software and input method are living under such a law of survival, but also very intuitive, such as anti-virus software by netizens spontaneously removed useless antivirus functions, leaving a head can be alive and kicking on the desktop of small lion.

said 09 years thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers I entered the University, started the university life, from high school to start the network full of passion I chose, software engineering industry. At the beginning of a large, or the vegetable vegetable bird I, especially love to do. Of course, the whole school website design, I also took the two prize. It is also a great inspiration to me.

11 years, I still feel a little aggrieved, although do not want to do the station, but still set up their own independent blog, you can say that independent blog is also I do the station since the oldest site. For 2 years, I have known many friends and contacted the blog Union. It is a pleasure to visit each other’s blog. Since then, I have come into contact with SEO, and I have a general idea of SEO, but I don’t understand it very well. I just know that blogging is really seoer.

to 13 years, I am also a senior, in the face of pressure from work, every day wandering in the major recruitment sites, every day walking at the door of major companies. Make a living for oneself. Blogs are ruined. But I learn professional knowledge is very good, is not very difficult to find a software engineer, in a small three line city, doing my programmers work, earn a month lived a hard life with 5000 dollars. < >

may have 99% of the forum are webmaster friends, I and we are four years of peer.

10 years, very fond of hei/k technology, I began to build a website, share hei/k knowledge with you. Finally, for various reasons, was forced to shut down. But I did not give, I choose the free service, do a "network" of the community. Share all sorts of chaotic things, because, or rookie, do not know how to optimize, do not know how to do the station. Every day in their own website to enjoy themselves, ha ha, but also came into contact with the shlf1314 ad, unfortunately, my free domain name can not apply. In the end, it was closed.

4, tool products feature a clear point of view and are easily discarded after demand resolution;

1, the tool is only the initial stage of product positioning, the latter development will need to "tool";


inertial thinking in the mobile Internet era has been extended, and those leading products in the industry also consciously or unconsciously help people strengthen this memory.

10 years later, half a year ago, I did a "play what" game site, every day to share some fun flash games. When is the space purchased and the.Net domain name?. Let me feel for the first time the privilege of the top-level domain, let me know, do station content must be single-minded. Not out of order, no location. At that time I was through game site rash and too much in haste, earn some money, do not own up at least cost space domain. But there are unexpected circumstances, one morning when you open the website, found that the content of the site is nothing. Check the contents on FTP to see that the contents have all been deleted. The space quotient gets all the crap out of it. In a fit of anger, determined not to stop from now on.

nowadays, when entrepreneurs talk about products, they always try to avoid the "tool" product form, and those tools companies are being seen decline market prospects. There is, however, an exact opposite of anxiety: tools do not die, tools become more valuable.

people have a tool death complex from the age of PC.

why do people believe that tools die,

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