that I see in the future a part-time information, is to do a typist, 200 yuan / million words, for me, the temptation was not small, see the information in the other fixed telephone, address, confidence will increase somewhat, feel good. At most an intermediary, as long as the intermediary can help me introduce good work, the intersection of registration fees, what does not matter. I called in anticipation to ask if it was a good attitude, so let me sign up. So I took the bus and found their company on the 4 floor of a less expensive business building. Don’t let me call the registration fee to say them here to find part-time is not need to pay any fees, I want to hear a burst of excitement, after the university life pocket money source is in the bag. So I filled out a form, and they took me to another office to pick up the originals. Inside, a man came up with a large stack of manuscripts and handed it to me, but asked me to pay 300 deposits, saying, "because these are the customer’s company information, I’m afraid I’m leaking something.". I looked blankly, and then asked to see their business license, I did not expect the other side said I did not sincerely do it…… I was so mad that I realized it was a leather company.

hope you can draw, don’t be too greedy. And just follow the rules. Of course, it is best to have your own profit model. Don’t rely too much on advertising. Money in the hands of others, after all, is not assured.

1, anti fraud network trick

one day, the traffic fell. Check sh419, included less, until one day become 1. One after another.

hopes to know more webmaster

07 years in May started a video search engine website, then quit out of full-time website, due to various factors, the website featured a large amount of data, such as web site webmaster to start, rapid growth from 07 in September, of course, the main factor is because search engines, my website is 16 million video data acquisition the, sh419 included millions about about 1000000, can’t remember exactly. shlf1314 included also good. By October, website IP was approaching 150 thousand. shlf1314 Adsense revenue also peaked.

in fact, because the first time to do the webmaster, no experience, did not take into account the risk of the site. That is the income, very proud. Plus a few other garbage stations picture stations, game stations, garbage stations…. Accumulated income 200$.

I am a student in Shanghai, this year Junior Normal University, in the normal course, not much, nothing except loving look campus beauty, love to do part-time, earn pocket money, so this study is more, the current Shanghai area part-time website had a certain understanding of me it will be said.


a page, a lot of advertising. Lead to a very high click rate. And shlf1314 attention, this time it’s been a big deal. I lost my entire account, K. shlf1314 account has $more than 1800, none received. It was made all white in October. This month is exactly what my web site was at its peak. Many appeals are useless. Later I heard that there were some policies for video stations… I tried to sell it even with the server.

now more part-time website, I look down above the qianchengwuyou and Shanghai part-time network information more better, update soon.

through this article

more information >

2, the way of network survival

maybe you see this topic is strange, or very hot. I now tell you through practical experience that "websites have risks, and they should be careful,"

so, be sure to check the company’s business license, it should have the qualification certificate of the intermediary service personnel license, to check out, if you ask each other or deposit fee, you are also willing to pay it, please they must issue a formal receipt, some students think that a receipt is good, but not know that there is a receipt outside the stationery shop to sell, the key is to cover their company’s financial chapter to be effective ah, remember this.

is now the network no matter how most of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, the authoritative website, not some crooks were removed from them, very hateful. But there is no way, ah, what we can do is to polish our eyes, to prevent deception.


now we all Internet, not to mention the high qualifications of college students, so today is a talk on the network to find a part-time way down to listen, this seems to be the main way to present everyone looking for part-time work, of course, you can also get some part-time jobs according to the small posters in the campus also means you can go to school work study center application, however, the Internet makes our life more convenient.

received an email from shlf1314 Adsense one day in October, saying that one of my websites had content that was not up to the rules. Request is removed, or how, did not say all know.

I hasten to withdraw, and I can not be reconciled to such a waste of domain name and space. So casually made a pure garbage station on a web page, a high key words content, above put shlf1314 Advertising, the result on this brought me very big trouble.

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