actually subdivided, there are three kinds of plagiarism.

/ U.S. mission network CEO Wang finishing / reporter Shi Haiwei


no matter what a person or institution to make investment, whether now or in the future for a moment, all want to spend less money to earn more money. So, the value of entrepreneurs is not into the money, but how to make money. In economics, we will discuss the input and output. Evaluation of the value of an enterprise also depends on the input and output ratio, less is more into creating value; on the other hand, you are doing nothing. For entrepreneurs, the most concern is how to spend money more efficiently than competitors, create more value. The last two years I have been thinking about how to use Internet technology, low cost and high efficiency operation of a company. When we became more efficient when more and more information is collected, we have the opportunity to affect the whole industry chain.

but now, even through unfair competition, it’s hard to succeed. For a period of time before the Facebook name of the name of hacker spirit plagiarism SnapChat made out of Poke, although the same day on-line Poke rushed to the free list first position, but soon fourth days fell to 34, while the SnapChat back to the top three positions.

in the past, plagiarism was really a way of getting high success rates. This is mainly because the network is not so developed, lack of information, differences in different countries, serious user habits of users localization significantly, and before the Internet users are still in the early stage, so a good product will soon be able to get the user, whether he is not plagiarism.

professor Zhang Weiying said the capital hiring labor, but in the electricity supplier industry, it is difficult to determine whether capital hiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs employ capital, the boundaries have become increasingly blurred. You asked me last year everyone crazy money, how do I know that beauty is not throwing money on? Frankly, if capital markets crazy a little longer, there may be some people in the bo. For the future more confident now can be more patient. My patience is a little longer than most entrepreneurs, this is my experience for business, but also with my faith. "Another gold belt, repair bridges and roads tragedies", there is no such situation?! you want to be the villain murder, or when the Justice Party, repair bridges and roads, even if the last siwuquanshi, this is faith.


but now, the rapid development of the network, various countries are increasingly open, many products start to face the global users, all of the gaps mentioned above have been reduced, the user’s cognitive level and the product requirements are constantly improve, so if a product is plagiarism, most users do not use a similar product. In this way, plagiarism will be meaningless, and the possibility of plagiarism failure will be higher and higher.

a lot of entrepreneurs rely on capital, capital that can solve all the problems. But they have to understand that Tencent always have more money than you, you want to China each year can be how much money a year to Tencent investment 10 billion yuan, the Tencent VC more than money, how did you win the Tencent? You can’t say, I can throw money, it is not money, this is not established the.

plagiarism is everywhere, including the internet. Plagiarism from apple, Xerox of Microsoft, apple, and now China’s Internet is one of the most talked about, plagiarism has become a westerner on the mainland Internet a deep-rooted view. And this is especially thanks to a group of Internet heavyweights, such as by copying started Tencent, not only for the Chinese to see plagiarism can also succeed, but also opened the prelude to the history of Chinese Internet plagiarism.

, playing electric people think, I hit the end of this round of $20 million, the next round can get 40 million dollars, but they forget another assumption, opponents also have the money do? Money is no difference, in the global scope is not short of money, as long as it is possible to bring capital in return, the capital will be Everfount to come, this is clearly better than a company needs more.

last week, PickRide made a lot of anti plagiarism things. Although I tried the PickRide product, I felt badly done, but I supported the founder of PickRide, denouncing the copycat and pursuing his own rights and interests. But today we’re not talking about it. It’s true, but there’s another saying. Just tell me what I think of plagiarism.

second is in a variety of markets, because users use language, culture, habits and other different birth of a localized plagiarism, this product is the most common kind of copy

Two years ago


is the first direct competition copying, that is, in the same market, the basic logic of the product is the same, just UI, color and other details are not the same. Such plagiarism is basically fatal, and few people are foolish enough to do such a thing. If there is success in this type of plagiarism, there is only one reason: unfair competition. For example, when Microsoft’s IE team defeated Netscape, it belonged to this category, and so did a series of products in the Tencent department.

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