first, first good idea need to meet the needs of the public

two, entrepreneurs blindly optimistic that their products are good enough

when the site was just on the line, there were not many companies in the country doing light blogging, the impression of dot, Lofter have not, and 2 years earlier than micro-blog. At the point of time, there is no problem at all. But the Internet is not about leader, and the Tumblr is extremely similar, and the copy of the top editor system, but unfortunately there is no dig out a batch can continue to provide quality content source of high-end users, content production finally completely into the work of editing staff.

first enter the Internet industry is indeed a few years time, the Internet has been engaged in the operation and management work. The work of the past few years, I found a phenomenon, in the Internet environment, a lot of friends every day will have a whim of their own concepts or ideas. Of course, this is the most about Internet start-ups idea. A lot of people will feel what they will be like when they say what they think. But later on, I think this project has nothing more than one idea of its own, and other things such as money, operations, technology, products, and so on. In fact, a good idea affects hundreds of millions of Internet start-ups is not impossible. But above all, the world of the Internet is not talking all day long, but down-to-earth. For this, we should really pay attention to some problems.

because leader think the Internet web design is very ugly, not a kind of aesthetic feeling, coupled with their overseas learning experience, so the copycat Tumblr force light blog, and in accordance with their thinking in the construction industry added a lot of complex design for the web site. I worked here for about three months, until the day I left the website, many details still do not understand, and I do not know how to operate.

graduated 2 years, always adhere to a heart of entrepreneurship, but suffer from their lack of ability, so are looking for their own startups, with growth, has been to muddle along without any aim three start-up companies: A, B, C. The family doesn’t spend very long hours. Still, I’d like to talk about the common failures of startups I understand

this is the A company committed in my opinion the biggest problem, leader is a leader in the construction industry, has made great achievements in the field of design, then enter the real estate industry, completed the most primitive capital accumulation and contacts.

second, the foundation of entrepreneurship is human

third, in order to start the business need to support people around

one, cross-border entrepreneurship, leader understand the industry is not deep enough,

I work here two months, met some really engaged in O2O entrepreneurs, their understanding of the entire line of more than two founders of our company have many in-depth, in my opinion B a lack of understanding of the relationship between online and offline, and a little too blind optimism. People who really understand the Internet know about it offline

actually optimistic entrepreneurs is a good thing, at least this power must believe you can succeed in the future, but if I feel very good, the most professional, which in my opinion is a kind of blind optimism. This is B’s mistakes, this is a dedicated O2O industry research, technology blog, two co-founder, a line has 10 years of experience, another 10 years of experience in the line, claiming he is the most professional research institutions for O2O. Because the author is also very concerned about the O2O, they are definitely better than me, but compared to those who really understand the online and offline people, in fact, there is still a big gap.

many entrepreneurial bosses claim how much, how much, how much, how much, how much technology, and so on. In fact, he overlooked a key issue, that is, people, that is, the team. The Internet’s world has been an egalitarian social region and a region that is more cohesive. Because no matter how much the company’s results are, people need to do it. But man is a very complex and emotional species. For example, Ma Yun in the original business, if not Taobao, not to do B2B, do something else such as head office, Mr. think they would do well, whether in technology or in the low cost operation promotion. Because Ma has eighteen Rohan, there are a group of really dry entrepreneurs.

often a good idea will not just be >


remember, many friends in the Internet business idea when they will say, this idea must be in line with the needs of the public. So MR head would ask, the public demand for the conclusion what is obtained. In fact, many people describe their idea when they say they are in the daily life of themselves or relatives and friends. This needs to be alarmed that real public demand requires deep user research, not what is known as laboratory data". In this way, the problem is easily caused by the so-called "public", resulting in differentiation, but it has obliterated the real needs of the masses. Here MR head to say, many Internet startups will make a fatal mistake when it comes to the needs of users of this point, many of the so-called Internet demand, is the leader or boss, but did not really do the needs of users, and even said that even the product market prospects no assessment began to mount, later changed and changed, that is to embrace change, in fact it is a sheer waste of resources.

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