shlf1314 closed Chinese search service, he moved to Hongkong to provide search services, although only the web search, information search and image search removed, but this will undoubtedly affect the domestic partner of shlf1314, and some companies intend to launch shlf1314 Adwords began to wait and see, they may have some not trust, do not know how on the later effect will be? In this particular period, or wait? According to the above analysis, we will look at the recent ADS in put on the website, and the past is different and there is no variety on weekdays in the various advertisements, but we see more is "shlf1314 to send up to 1000" advertising see Figure 1, we have to admit that the official shlf1314 advertising price is very low, because the official shlf1314 advertising will generally appear in no. Only when it comes to advertising.

Ads as the main source of income for grassroots webmaster, lifeline over more than 50% sites, from yesterday, Xiao Bian found to view the Ads background report, in recent days the advertising price is very low, this is exactly why, after asking some webmaster, also received the same answer. Therefore, the author has observed and analyzed, and found that this may have a great relationship with shlf1314’s exit from China, and the reasons are as follows:

Ali Mom – good product, more need good advertising!


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start almost point, but a closer look and found two! The first time for me to apply for the registration of the YAHOO email confirmation should not be issued 126 mailbox; look again carefully, two confirmed address suffixes are actually "register.htm"! Early in the afternoon and a false foreign devil after a few strokes, then the English halfcooked, probably see that this is not what the registration page, and the confirmation page! On my web site www.bage123 address not starling navigation.

original text: liehuo.net/a/201004/0415021.html

buyer nickname: big buyer

, please click the link below to create your website ad:

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as to whether the above analysis is correct, let’s wait and see. Fire net will continue to pay attention to the development of ADS.

Author: indicate the source!

advertising time: 2008-01-23 from 1 weeks, the transaction price please login to the system background view,

buyers contact methods are as follows:

wants to get more deals, and now releases more ads,

fire net @ LiuXu wind article copyright reprint please use hyperlinks in the form of

, figure 1,

prompt: this letter is the system automatic issue, please do not direct " replies " this mail, the system does not understand your reply:

applied for Ali’s mother’s advertising alliance for some days, because the audit did not pass, it removed the code. Just landed 126 mailbox, found a content can be as follows letter of confirmation:

if you need to review your advertisement, please click on the link below as soon as possible so that the advertisement can be launched in time.

if you have any questions in advertising, please contact buyers for consultation first.

if you have any questions in advertising, please contact buyers for consultation first.


within 48 hours after the end of the advertisement, if the buyer has no objection to the advertisement, the above advertising revenue will be included in your expected income. The expected revenue will be settled in the middle of next month.

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since shlf1314 closed China search service, shlf1314 has staged a series of "good", these so-called "XXX politics" and "political XXX" for the majority of Chinese stationmaster didn’t seem too important to the webmaster, the most worried about is the shlf1314 Adsense hereinafter referred to as: Ads, some time ago shlf1314 send mail confirmed that Ads was not affected by the Ads as "loyal Fans", the fire also always concerned about the development of Ads network.

doll reminds you:

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