is the new year, I wish you good health, family happiness here, I hope everyone in 2011 inside more money, we want to make money, to make thick.


Figure 1: equity raised platform on the line year distribution

in 2010 at the beginning of October, I officially joined the long interest for learning SEO technical training department, when I spent a few days in the global forum, I am more and more interested, really want to suddenly do a website, how much practice under their grasp. In this way, I made a web site of their own money making project, every day to update the original article, although the writing is very rubbish, but I will do my heart to write. At the beginning of the new year, my website in the home page has rankings, and this is what I really use two months time to do a website, it seems that now there are rankings, and their own approach is still not wrong. I think I’ll do even better. >


Figure 2: equity raised platform on-line time share distribution

branch of the research center statistics, by the end of 2015, the number of Chinese equity raised platform has 141, of which the number of platform in 2014 and launched in 2015 were 50 and 84, the total equity raised platform number 35.5% and 59.6%, 2014 and 2015 as the stock raising industry blowout of the year. Jingdong, Alibaba also joined in 2015 to raise public equity industry. By the end of 2015, the cumulative success Chinese platform to raise public equity raise public projects amounted to 2338, which in 2015 to raise public projects 1175, accounting for 50% of the total number of the congregation, the congregation to raise equity cumulative success raise the amount of nearly billion yuan, of which 2015 successfully raise the amount of 4 billion 374 million yuan, accounting for nearly half of all people the amount raised.

understand I think he is really a play traffic genius, but also his books give me more interest to invest in the Internet business, even when the rest of the class I was using a mobile phone to read his books, inadvertently know Wang Tong’s SEO technology, then I think the SEO is how deep, most people do not understand computer language or website program is unable to learn, but also a long time to understand also went to Beijing to attend Wang Tong’s SEO training, he also said that SEO is actually not difficult, easy is not easy, SEO really don’t know, but when? In 2010 September I learned a long time, the technology about SEO do not need to know too much, master it half of the search engine technology, understand the point of some algorithm website ranking can be more. More than one is the use of Web sites to profit thinking.

who want to make money, but we have to pay to the Internet age, I also less than two years, but on the Internet can make a lot of money?, the first year I did not earn all earned a point in 10 years, but let me write a summary I really do not know what to write well now, do their own network project in the past year which really touched many, many traditional industries are higher. Training, selling tutorials, pull down the assembly line, see more.

with the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", "Internet plus" and "public record space" led by fourth venture tide rise, raise public equity and investors also began to enter a line of sight. Innovation in recent years as the mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and a series of technology, provides a solid foundation for the development of Internet banking, Internet banking into the stage of "blowout", and in the public business, the impact of innovation "policy, to raise public equity heating up, has become another outlet" Internet banking, to raise public equity for entrepreneurship market brings a new way of financing channels and financing. Angel sinks was founded in 2011, opened the prelude to China domestic stock raising industry, after four years of breeding and cultivation, to raise public equity industry in 2014 ushered in the explosive growth in 2015 is also known as "the first year", to raise public equity Jingdong, Alibaba, 360 and other industry giants have also started the layout of public equity to raise the industry more competitive. In view of the public to raise equity market growth in the increasingly popular trend, clear Research Center launched the "2016 Chinese raise public equity market research report", to raise public equity market as the starting point, analysis of Chinese equity raise status, development characteristics, and summarizes the China options to raise the public’s business model, reveals the public to raise equity in the Chinese development issues, trends and future opportunities.

at the beginning of 2009 to 2010 this two years, there have been a lot of things, of course, I also have in school life and make friends in life is happening, which makes me more aware of themselves, many people say that college life is rich and colorful, the school offers a such a good campus environment for students to study, but also in the talent in mining school. But I don’t learn as more students do. It can be said to be more rebellious, like a week to go to the one or two class, more time is to soak in the dormitory online. With others do online money making project, or is looking for projects, and then also more understanding of the books, so that their paste painted through two years.

equity chips raised "blowout" development, platform aggregation and entrepreneurship popular cities consistent,

Abstract: established in 2011, angel sinks, opened the Chinese domestic stock raising industry prelude, after the birth and four years of training, to raise public equity industry in 2014 ushered in the explosive growth in 2015 is also known as "the first year", to raise public equity giant Jingdong, Ali, 360 and other industries have also begun the layout of the public to raise equity, industry competition is more intense.

According to the

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