stage is at the beginning of 08 years, each big Wangzhuan training sites, forums, and some domestic well-known hacker websites crazy spread the word Wangzhuan, a time is overwhelming Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, training, the training company, a team, a personal level is uneven, resulting in the whole circle of confusion and Internet wangzhuan.

at the AdSpace Advertising Conference on Wednesday, Kevin, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft PubCenter. McCabe Kevin McCabe announced the news. He said that major websites and content publishers will be able to participate in the public testing of the service after signing an agreement with Microsoft at PubCenter. The service is currently available only in the US market.

accurate, I should enter this stage, at this stage the contact Wangzhuan Wangzhuan the people understanding is not much, more people know the record in this term, believe that some do Wangzhuan are not unfamiliar, but also from the beginning of this period a large number of sites to pull off the assembly line and domestic network marketing company appeared.

and shlf1314, AdSense and YAHOO, Publisher, Network and other network advertising technology, Microsoft PubCenter ad service is also the object of major websites and content publishers. PubCenter will first analyze the content of content released by major websites and content publishers, and then place content related ads alongside those pages. If users click on these ads while reading content, advertisers will pay advertising fees to the website or publisher. For this portion of advertising revenue, sites and content publishers using PubCenter services will be split with Microsoft.

3 phase current

industry pointed out that, compared with text search advertising, similar to PubCenter advertising technology advertising hits relatively low. Still, the technology that relates content to advertising has its own advantages. Especially in the current global economic downturn, advertisers can only advertise for specific content, while increasing advertising goals, but also to reduce advertising budgets, capital purposes.

Wangzhuan chaosThe

Beijing time on April 23rd, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft said Wednesday that its PubCenter advertising service has entered the open beta stage. Industry sources said that Microsoft’s move is intended to shlf1314, AdSense and YAHOO Publisher Network two online advertising technology challenges.

2 stages of development of the

today’s title is not selected for attention, is to give more wandering the edge of the webmaster and novice learning a little guidance to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, I also have a few years, Wangzhuan this thing into 2008 basically is very chaotic, each big Wangzhuan forum and hack forum emerge in an endless stream of Wangzhuan the tutorial let many people lost direction.

is probably the domestic Wangzhuan three stages, I said that the three stage is to allow everyone to clarify their position, look at yourself is to contact Wangzhuan at what stage, I will talk about the following day to earn one hundred yuan tutorial is how to.

day to earn one hundred yuan tutorial the earliest I know should be understand is put forward, and it was the day to earn 500 this concept has attracted a large part of early contact Wangzhuan friends, they do have the money. As for the subsequent day to earn 500 yuan, several generations of tutorials, only a little change, change ideas.

Wangzhuan medium

Wangzhuan is divided into several stages, I will introduce to you:

didn’t make much money in the early days, and they were able to take advantage of the opportunity, so they were the generation that made huge profits. Understand the name, I believe that many do Wangzhuan friends are not unfamiliar, many more friends regarded as objects of worship, in fact, I can understand that do a lot of projects as well as the day he earned 500 tutorials are true, but why do so many people still called him a liar, ha ha, this we’ll get back.

in 2008, China has begun to spread a lot of Wangzhuan circle earn many yuan tutorial, the first time is more pompous, this part of the tutorial to cheat some friends and not very greedy mind, and with the further development of the Internet, to the majority of Internet users and the quality are still relatively high, most still don’t believe this kind of tutorial. But when you earn 50 of the day and earn 100 of your tutorial, most people choose to believe, why, because this number is close to everyone’s heart

The name

1 early Wangzhuan profits era

In the domestic

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