SP Jingxiaxinlai digital music, plainly, is from the pirated music business "from" original music business. The traditional music is such a prototype jingwenchangpian, is a tape dubbing workshop.

December 4th news, today, the world’s leading search engine shlf1314 company and the largest free picture production platform I dragnet officially became partners, at the same time together, jointly launched with shlf1314 keyword advertising shlf1314 AdWords to get 500 yuan advertising promotions.

      but for SP, there is a contradiction in digital music. Especially SP, who has tasted the sweetness from the ring, most of them think it’s a logical transformation to enter the digital music stream. But it seems that in addition to A8’s Mr Liu Xiaosong, the industry have complained that: WEB based online digital music "uncertain Lang", because of piracy, because the user habits, because the Internet is just like a "Datong world", etc.. The desire for the American ITUNES model still doesn’t guarantee success in China, so we see TOM’s fun playing model. Wang Leilei put it down into a combination of American mode and China mode, I see is wild. Because the market is helpless, so we have to do nothing. The so-called American model is "ITUNES", and the Chinese model is "SP"". In the form of WEB pull, gather the original music, and then use 1/10000 proportion after the audition music to take and operators divided into. It’s TOM’s shoes, comfortable, only TOM knows. But I think most of the TOM still feel comfortable, because TOM does not need to transition, but did not need not ogle operators. But what about the other gold panning digital music SP? They do not have such a good congenital condition.

according to the person in charge of activities, I 55.la users, in my 55.la platform registered members or buy banner, that is, have the opportunity to get 500 yuan AdWords advertising fees support. Log on the http://s.g.55.la/ page and fill in the relevant information. shlf1314 will be based on key words, advertising and website topics such as the content of the audit, through the advertising costs will be charged directly into the account, and began in the shlf1314 search engine advertising. For faster processing, you can dial 400 on the page,

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      where is the money for digital music? The nuggets of digital music routines about the following:

it is understood, shlf1314 keyword bidding advertising called AdWords, also known as the sponsor link, Chinese commonly known as shlf1314 right advertising". AdWords advertising pricing by CPC billing mode, that is, advertising users click, advertisers pay for this. AdWords low barriers to entry, advertisers can all self-help delivery, you can also choose regional and language versions, so that advertising to reach the global potential users. AdWords provides highly intelligent background operation and key words advertisement management system for advertisers, which is convenient for advertising effect tracking and optimization. AdWords also through the AdSense program, the customer’s keyword ads on other content related sites, further expanding the scope of the potential users of advertising.

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      the most realistic is WEB+SP. So if you’re SP, buy a record company or create a WEB original music distribution center. You’d better have the function of "dragon music" and "source". You can call and yell everywhere, and say that it is copyright protection. But don’t forget to do copyright collective management to the relevant departments for the record. But now, you can steal a paragraph. Now, go this way to the SP consciousness and ability in cross media integrated marketing still needs to be improved, really want to carry on the "Star" and "hit list" of WEB original music, absolutely can not ignore the tv. The Chinese media still have the power of Carmen Toutankha-mon as a curse. Where’s the money for digital music? In this model, the money is still in the hands of operators holding, just to see if you have the ability, just to see if he is willing to give you a little. The outcome of SP is very helpless, it is SP via digital music > turn

      for the whole of 2005, digital music was comparable to the search engine in the heat.

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