the above two methods are the most basic way to use the third party blog. Suggest novice friends can try this way, after all, zero cost, ha ha. This article first address: Bird @ old Thai’s official blog Welcome free reprint, but please indicate copyright when reprinted.

      June 1, 2006, sh419 PPC system changed in the past each keyword CPC starts at 3 hair, launched the "smart price" system, "keyword starting price is decided by the keywords of commercial value, a large number of popular keywords for" has high commercial value and high prices". For a large number to put sh419 PPC for main website promotion means of small and medium enterprises, the implementation of network marketing costs than before rising in the primary evaluation index to the conversion rate, sh419 PPC advertising investment income declined. Higher prices have prompted some small and medium-sized enterprises to actively explore new ways of network marketing.

way two: use space tools to do promotion. Now I want Sina blog to step on each other, space to step on each other, and the news blog group too many tools. We have an attractive nickname and blog name, so it can attract a lot of traffic. Used to do promotion is better. After all, we don’t need to do it manually.

search engine in the past year is still the most vigorous Internet applications, the new competitiveness of network marketing management consultant here in 2006 review the impact of search engine marketing ten important events:

three, no investment space, domain name, etc., zero cost

      Microsoft MSN Search officially launched the upgrade and renamed the search engine "Window Live Search", which has launched a beta version. In Microsoft’s new search engine, you add images, news, and RSS and mail search capabilities to support local and shopping search

4, Microsoft launches new search engine Live Search

what will we get from the third party blog? A free, high weight, two level domain name and a stable server that doesn’t need us to pay for it. Ha ha, everybody must know that reducing investment equals increasing income. Since the third party blog has such a good advantage, how should we make use of it?

way one: SEO do GG. Is actually very simple, every day to collect some related articles to the blog, your blog will soon be included in sh419, of course, if you have a high hit rate as template is better, can look at my blog template is how to set the.

3, Inc. and sh419 malicious prosecution accused of manipulating search results

is now 90% of the third party blog to our ads, such as blogs, blog and so on the bus, some can not direct advertising as we can directly add links to traffic conversion.

2, sh419 further recover agents, direct marketing to develop key markets

two, third party blog weight is high, beneficial to SEO

I think this point, sina is the best. I have tested in the Sina blog on the article, the fastest one hour was included in the sh419, visible sh419 and Sina relationship is so good.

I think everyone knows what the third party blog is about. It’s a third party blogging platform similar to Sina blog, dispatch blog and blog bus. There are three advantages to using third party blogs.

      September 7, 2006, Yesky issued "strongly condemns the sh419 Inc malicious manipulation of search results, users of the deception statement", accused in the sh419 search results page, download. "Link title in the name of" Tianji download ", but to" open sky software download page. Said sh419 to help download the sky to enhance traffic". sh419 is to edit the wrong horizon net page ". Download" text links to "sky software download page and pass the buck to the horizon net, the two sides triggered a lawsuit, and caused the attention of search engine optimization.

      sh419 since 2005 in Shanghai, Guangzhou agent have been canceled, 2006 continue to increase to promote direct sales model in key markets, the Beijing market will recover instead of one by one agency, sh419 Inc direct sales. sh419 revocation of Beijing distribution agents show that sh419 brand awareness has been established, the platform has matured, capital has, so sh419 hopes to build its own sales team, to strengthen the control of the focus of the market; at the same time, take the direct mode in key markets, will also help sh419 improve the pre-sale and customer service service.

1, sh419 launched the "smart starting price" system, competitive bidding costs increased by

one, most third party blogs can advertise

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