Commission has been paid from December 24th to December 30th.

from December 24th to December 30th the Commission has begun to pay, pay period beginning on Wednesday, the latest Siri payment is completed within, to a slightly different time according to different bank location please wait. Recently, the number is very high. Please push it vigorously!

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network, in this information high speed development period, Taobao gold on the Internet above is not what new things, the development of this new thing from the car to work here, and is a new phenomenon, this is a trend of the development of the information society.

was born a few platform in the development of the site: shlf1314 Adsense, sh419 Union, Ali Alliance YAHOO, CHANet net, Linktech linktech, NarrowAD, pig Witkey platform, twitter China alliance platform. The first few are advertising alliances, and there are few people who do well. But the pig and push the guest, China is different, here I admire pig eight quit mode, virtual things in pig eight nets above can become reality thing. But it is for the individual, is to answer the question, finally adopted the best one, you have to spend your time to do more to be closer to success. Pushing China is a good platform combining the above two characteristics. He mainly aims at the two types of personnel of the stationmaster and the network civilians. Push customers China is just out of the platform, but its products have attracted a large number of customers, its products. Financial products, stocks, futures, stock indexes, foreign exchange and so on, determine his strategic height.

has a lot of friends will ask: what is the Wangzhuan not deceptive? Every time when I see such questions, I feel very funny, asking how many people want to have some Wangzhuan ideas in their minds, their starting point is in fact Wangzhuan part-time and simple. In fact, there is no free lunch, everything is hard in the beginning, you don’t want to take anything simple, in fact, nature of law from the development of things, some people do not contact Wangzhuan, they also did not make clear definition and development trend of higher, just want to tell them that you want to practice to understand, in fact, you can network is successful, the key is your thinking, your ideas, your attitude.



as far as I know, in foreign Wangzhuan is already very mature thing, in all aspects of foreign Wangzhuan contact is very close. But in China, Wangzhuan development relatively late, together is only ten years. Based on the population of China large Internet users a huge potential market, must lead the rapid development of Wangzhuan industry. In reality China Wangzhuan market, there is no mature experience, not a sound system, the uneven, no technology and quality. I am in the field of Wangzhuan have been for several years, from the beginning of the Wangzhuan migrant workers, sell their cheap labor, with each platform to post maintenance work, all the time at it, now I am very mature, he runs several good websites, in recent years, he is very tortuous road of groundless talk, wounded pain, cheated, their hard-earned hard-earned money is being cheated out. Because of the failure experience, I also know the outside world through the website.

The development of the information society is the development of

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