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more and more enterprises only focus on Web site keywords ranking, ignoring the content (picture) optimization, website traffic leads to large numbers of lost. One person will inevitably have such doubt, how to optimize the picture content, the effect of optimization is not, concrete steps are not in the picture with a label on the line? The author to talk about the specific content of the specific image optimization.

third, add related to the theme of the picture. If you do the wedding photography website, you can add a picture of the game, this is obviously not in tune. Don’t think spider is a fool, you do spiders will only ignore you, the picture will not be included, and included the influence. If you add pictures in your article are related to the wedding photography pictures, these pictures will accelerate to be included, but also can improve the picture in love in the ranking in Shanghai.

search engine whether domestic or foreign search engines, they attach great importance to image optimization, the reader may wish to look at the eight link love in Shanghai there is a picture link, you think, even laconic love Shanghai also recommended pictures, then users attention to the picture is very strong, so the picture the traffic is quite large. Of course, the optimization of the picture content and your industry must, otherwise, you do too much optimization can not give you the precise flow. When you search for a picture of the industry, related to many tens of thousands of digital images, amazing


image optimization is crucial for those wedding website so, how can we get it


second, also need to link. You write more standardized, more love to fall in love with the sea, the more easily included love Shanghai. When the site weight is not high, if you want to be included in the picture within a short period of time, also need to take pictures on the link. Whether it is a blog, forum, as long as you add the chain, can attract the spider to climb up your web page.

optimization good?

first, good ALT tag. In an article content is not much, best to add the image in this article with ALT tags, because the search engine tracks web content is based on text and code together to consider. So, the picture of the ALT tag search engine can give a reasonable space. Add ALT tags should pay attention to the height and width of the picture, in general, can see these pictures.

! and how to optimize it

1, what is the use of

fourth, the search engine also love beautiful. If your picture layout is relatively simple, relatively common, of course easy to remember you love Shanghai, if a reasonable point, your beautiful picture layout, the search engine more love, he will increase the weight of your picture.



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