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this method had an accident with a large amount of thesaurus dictionary, including word segmentation index library, matching the string and Thesaurus according to certain rules will be divided into words in the word, find a word that match, mainly through the following ways: (the number of at least segmentation cut out every sentence in the minimum); forward maximum matching method (from left to right direction); bidirectional maximum matching method (from left to right, from right to left two scans); reverse maximum matching method (from right to left direction).

dictionary matching

although the dictionary indexing library to solve a lot of problems, but the writing is not enough, also need to constantly search engine has to find out new words, in words by calculating the probability of adjacent in determining is not a single word, so to understand the context of the more understanding of the sentence is more accurate, of course also participle the more accurate. For example is the process of search engine optimization is what appears in the context of more times, so will the word if statistical word segmentation segmentation index database.


What is the

in understanding love Shanghai we must first understand what is Chinese participle? We Chinese and English is different from a Chinese characters connected into, so it is relatively complex. Chinese word love Shanghai is a Chinese sentence cut into separate words one by one, and then according to certain rules are reassembled into a sequence of processes, referred to as "Chinese segmentation". The word of the search engine is of great help, can help search procedures for the automatic recognition of the meaning of the statement, so that the search results, the highest degree, so the segmentation quality will directly affect the accuracy of search results. The love of Shanghai search engine mainly uses dictionary matching and statistics of the two methods.

Chinese participleBefore the Chinese word

general, the search engine will use a variety of methods used in combination, the search engine brings great difficulties, such as ambiguity processing, in order to improve the accuracy of matching keywords, the search engine will simulate the human understanding of the sentence, so as to achieve the effect of word recognition. The analysis is in the syntax, acne and semantic ambiguity, to deal with the use of syntactic and semantic information. It mainly includes the following parts: the control part, word segmentation system, French justice system. In the general control part of coordination, word segmentation system can obtain syntactic and semantic information about words and sentences to judge the ambiguity, which simulates human comprehension of sentences.

search engine included word segmentation technology has been very curious, understand the search engine technology is of great help for us these Adsense work: in the link structure and the layout of the site keywords and word segmentation has a great relationship. Usually with love Shanghai contact more, so to love Shanghai as an example to introduce Chinese word search engine segmentation.

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