For example:

, the server is not stable

solution: a correct understanding of the search engine spiders and search engines use IP address will change at any time, in order to ensure the ability to correctly identify the search engine IP, you can use DNS to check the way to determine the source of anti capture whether IP belongs to the regular search engine, to prevent false letter.

now the innumerable server, the price is not the same, the quality is also far, webmasters often choose the time is "the only price does not recognize the matter", taking some space in order to save resources, deliberately blocked spider (spider) IP, causing spider to grab web pages will not be failure. Search engines.

solution: choose the regular space taking power, as far as possible to ensure that your site is stable. The stability of server space and need some technical strength to protect, some did not have the strength of the space business, may be unable to provide good service, can not guarantee the stability of the service. We can make an analogy: if the image of the "people" as a metaphor for the content of the website, then the server is our "home", it is our wind and rain, provides a good environment for our survival, while the server will affect the quality of the risk we can bear. I think, who are not willing to live without security room, their lives take a joke, in the same way, so it is now the site! If you server is not ideal, it is necessary to choose, please let the old server can be used for a period of time, and do 301 jumps, minimize the loss of a series of replacement server bring.

Baiduspider in the Linux platform, you can use the host IP command to determine whether the inverse solution of IP from the capture of Baiduspide. Baiduspider hostname named *.baidu贵族宝贝 or * format, not *.baidu贵族宝贝 or >

understanding of the search engine spiders, unable to correctly judge the search engine spider IP on some posing, then mistakenly sealed search engine IP. This will lead to the success of the search engine can not crawl the site, unable to successfully grab new web pages, and will have already successfully crawled and indexed pages judged as invalid link, then the search engine will be cleared of these dead links, then the web page included reducing, eventually led to the decline in the website search engine rankings.


two, humanerror

server is a basic website to survive, no matter what causes the server ban, have a direct impact on the spider crawling, affect the user experience of the website, is not conducive to the expansion of Shanghai Longfeng work. Chongqing Shanghai Longfeng Yi Shan to its own experience, combined with the analysis of this kind of network friends, summarize the cause of the server banned three main reasons:

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