is a word, to optimize the state website but do not deliberately go to the pursuit of nature, changing its search engine ranking in law is always to provide valuable information for users, rather than provide valuable content to the search engine. So the only way that we can understand the core idea of the real, of course I said here is not to say completely not to consider the optimization methods, but do have this kind of consciousness and then at the site of the process in the subconscious of the fusion to the structure of the web site to the line, especially those who hope that the long-term.


I am engaged in the site optimization industry also has a lot of years, has been responsible for many projects for the class customers in the company, he had also experienced a lot of station. There are also frustrated when correct way to see the results of the relief, so the website optimization this experience so many things also have some of their own experience, here to tell us about what state of the web site optimization process is the best.

this is the most important and very easy to make mistakes, we always hold the chain for the emperor to wanton release mentality, and even some people also use some black hat tactics, but in most cases the conclusion is under a lot of effort, but the rewards are not many and sometimes even get punished. To stand outside my personal experience and advice, do not blindly pursue for example today 50 tomorrow 60. This is not only very tired but the effect is not very good, we can be in when the Internet can go to some relevant and high quality platform issued some relevant content according to their own website and content, believe that as long as enough content value will have a lot of friends of forwarding, this is the real purpose of the chain and thought.

believe that they all know that (I won’t go into here), important worth mentioning is that not every aspect of the targeted optimization mentality to try, but only to ensure that the spider crawling smoothly, remove some unnecessary code, then the layout and key words in the chain do pay attention to natural and reasonable on the line. I used to do a retro gaming website, it is to let a lot of fine and retro words can get rankings, has been widely used in the title and in the chain, and even the use of many H tags even each picture are added to the. It is all about retro words though up quickly, but in the end is also fast flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.


! Some methods about the optimization of the Overall,

first use one sentence to the overall summary under the subject of "so that the hearts of formlessness, avoid excessive pursuit of the ultimate! We all know to think through a series of means, make your site better ranking in search engines, so many people especially a part of the primary station (I was), in order to the pursuit of traffic and conversion to the site either inside or outside the station optimization do limit. In fact, this is very dangerous, remember a word of truth Wujibifan can also be used in website optimization

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