Many webmaster think

webmaster all know that search engine is currently unable to identify the picture content. Learn how to optimize the picture that we should, so as to achieve the purpose of convenient search engine spiders crawling. A page are described in this paper how to do the site optimization, how to customize the picture picture size and related problems. Here we start to understand why a good picture of

5. image watermark

watermark picture actually not essential, think you’re wrong. No site picture will have its own logo search engine is also very love original things.

The anchor text

a picture of a good, will increase website traffic success. But we must seek truth from facts to the anchor text. Key words and pictures to do hyperlinks of the content is consistent.

, a convenient search engine spiders crawl: search engine is a program that can not see the content of the picture.

in the search engine to search images will describe the information, there are many pictures are actually integrating text pictures around the site. Then in the picture around the text with keywords will increase the success of the rank of the website, you can also achieve good optimization effect.

eight points of the website image optimization


3. anchor text

7. pictures to do classification processing


want to do this, will use the pictures instead of text inside add a keyword. This is the most important part of the optimization work in Shanghai Longfeng do website pictures.


We can use optimization! We found that

2. pictures add keywords

pictures of different categories to do classification processing. One can easily find and update the webmaster, and can improve the professionalism of the site, the site management more convenient.

picture size box can successfully reduce dead load images in time, so as to enhance the site access speed, it will greatly enhance the degree of customer experience. More conducive to the search engine on your site to grab.

6. fixed picture size

on picture naming naming methods related to its content, like a picture is a computer picture, so that we can be named as computer.jpg. For some Chinese sites you can also use Chinese Pinyin name.


4. distribution around the picture space

1. pictures named

two benefits of website image optimization

two, increase website traffic: many customers interested in pictures more than your words.

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