two, human uncontrollable factors

1, website

on our small webmaster common is the blog, the rate of replacement of the hard template ah, do not know is that this drop right is also reasonable. In the early days of the site reached a certain level before the weight must not be arbitrary replacement templates, the overall structure of the site is not familiar with the transformation completely to the search engine. As many people say Meta change in the end of the website weight has no effect, that you can try, do not parrot.

said no more, to do a long time we all should know, Links right down the website by K, friends of the chain is first removed temporarily, he should understand. Unless done for friendship.


3, the website chain

, a controllable factor

many friends asked how to restore web site right down in the forum, many will answer "vest to update the original article and the high quality of the chain". Well, I have to update the article to send the chain, the result is not ideal. Under what conditions, the content of the web site has a great influence on the weight. The site initially not adhere to the original "change", the accumulation of weight; weight accumulated to a certain degree, adhere to the "hair". The primary website article just copy, largely reduced the trust of the search engine on the web, so you have to adhere to the "change". The late weight accumulation degree you can go into consideration, dynamic update every day is also continuing to spider your site.

for the most common example, some store shelves of goods directly delete these merchandise page leads to a 404 error page number, in fact, this can be used to replace the goods shelves, rehabilitation work to the website editor.

2, the content of the website

this is the case for many large portal mall or we love these restless tossing small Adsense is most common. The website function is not perfect, need to be adjusted this is accompanied by some of the large integral development step.

often have friends in the forum to talk to Q or K, at domain site is not in the first place, "not included no ranking, and so some, then became ants on a hot pan. Do not know Hefei Shanghai dragon blog also unfortunately caught in the big update month love Shanghai in the head, the symptoms of painful extremely, the home page is K no ranking. In December 3rd when the right down, do not understand the nagging about ranking disappeared, but now has been restored, although the ranking was not the first, but has been gradually restored, to write an article about how to recover in time for the site to drop right before actually always wanted to blog articles, just while is restored to sum up all sorts of situations, hope to help novice friends out of trouble. In fact, many solutions are adopted piecemeal is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but not so easy. Here is divided into controllable and uncontrollable factors to do the analysis.

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