third: update has been in the use of forum and blog, the general weight is very high, add new links, the chain network station to a certain extent increased a lot, the colleague’s weight increase stage, this way is in the fight of resources, will see you have, but the effect is really very good.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, recently on the move, have been busy, not what the opportunity to write what, today to observe the end ranking, still want to write what, but also hope that through the new office, everything is okay, well, said today the title, recently I have two new sites, ranking good, reason is the railway station, the old station led the first talk about how I did it.

we can see that this is the two different sites, one is in the application of science and technology new station, Harbin network company the keywords in Shanghai love second, one of the old station station of Harbin science and Technology Shanghai production site in Shanghai love seventh, in fact, their other key construction sites in Harbin and Harbin are also software development in Shanghai before, in fact these stations don’t look at the domain name registration for a long time, but have not been used, there may be little relationship between rank and domain name registration time, but I think it is not all, below I said, see what I said is reasonable.

second: cross links, I usually use their own website, are inside appear on the website, such as paper, do Links, once included, rankings are helpful, sometimes I am also reproduced in this article several websites, each link, team ranking great, I do not recommend too much station to cross link, it is best to walk or stand, good control, good control is being K, the old station will also be affected.

is the first to see screenshots,

fourth: To summarize the experience and old station optimization methods to improve the user experience and search engine new experience, this way can let railway station take a lot less detours, quickly improve website ranking, website is actually much, the risk will be a lot less, I suggest several stations, each station uses different optimization and promotion way, so to better grasp the search engine trends, convenient to carry out the business, especially to do this with me to Shanghai dragon important.



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: first use the old station with a high weight of these new sites, I do is the single stranded Links, with new points to the new station, of course I want to do is keyword keyword, such a point that the PR PR update, they are generally in more than 2, so go to exchange links, will be good for after all, now many people still attach great importance to PR, it can get a lot of high quality Links, while the import of weights, which is conducive to ranking in a certain extent.

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