In fact, we get the


bid is very easy to understand, is nothing more than money, but the quality of this concept for many novice friends puzzled, because this thing is, there is no way to start.

is a main keyword prices have a relatively high, even later, found that rival bid keywords don’t have high, why their rankings always row but opponents, especially when the boss asked, don’t know how to answer.

promotion account?< >

quality account structure what are the benefits?

In fact, the quality of

first, we talk about the basic structure, love Shanghai promotion account see:

web site operators love Shanghai search keyword bidding is one of the most common promotion methods, but behind the bear is the ongoing capital investment. If you stand on the profits of the company’s point of view, as long as the investment can bring corresponding profits, so the investment is valuable, so the boss is concerned about the ratio of input and output. The company spent the money, but the effect is not how good, this makes many novice web site operators friends very embarrassed. Especially now love Shanghai’s promotion has been adjusted to 4, more intense competition. In order to help the novice friends to love Shanghai search promotion, we start from the most basic search account about building today, to know that a good promotion account structure actually on our account to enhance the degree of quality is very good, it is easy to overlook the place a lot of new friends at the start of the work.


two, love Shanghai promotion account the basic structure of


account, the first thing to do is to account the reasonable structure of us, if not drawn, at least you heart to have such a chart, what should be what promotion plan, every promotion plan in accordance with what the classification promotion plan below how to set the unit. Unit is subdivided according to what, finally add keywords;

novice friends get an account, and regardless of the consequence, first built a plan to add a few simple unit then, then go inside the keywords can think to add up.

three, high-quality love what Shanghai architecture like

is the result of many factors, such as the user clicks on the landing page, quality, creative quality, there is a very important thing is we said today that the quality structure of

love Shanghai promotion account buddy will be encountered such a scene:

After many In the end, a

is the root cause of this is that your quality is not high, love Shanghai promotion rankings and two factors are closely related keywords: bid and quality degrees;

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