any time any page to use the absolute path, and do not use the relative path! Why do you want to "URL absolute? The intention is to enhance the weight of the domain name. Want the weight accumulation of your name, want your main keywords can still improve, you want the long tail keywords station can get rankings, so that must be the "URL all changed to absolute address

page navigation path function is when the user browse to each page, the page prompts are able to clear the secondary path page belongs to column and path. At any time to give each page of your site and site navigation path, such as the list page of the " station in Xinjiang; the construction site " column, please reference column navigation path and the content page navigation path of it. Shanghai has a dragon skills here, set a key to the navigation path, usually set once popular keywords can, and should be put into the popular keyword page optimization, at the same time to give the list page to add random article section, popular articles section, the section of the call, its purpose is to be able to the same page to let the spider included more articles.

five, the absolute path of

at the appropriate time to add the keyword anchor text page footer, its purpose is to increase the number of internal links keywords. This method is not very popular keywords for the effect is very obvious, because each page footer has link anchor text keywords, the optimization effect is stronger.


all the pages of code must be written in DIV+CSS, because the DIV+CSS code is simple, but very powerful, many large search engines recommend web developers use this encoding to write web pages. At present, most developers still do not know how to write a DIV+CSS page, it is recommended in the commission network company site, network companies must use DIV+CSS technology.

The tree structure is to

, four footer anchor text

three, page navigation path

The optimization of

column column structure to create a sense of the level of the structure, to provide smooth channel for the spider crawling, the more content to be included, this is very helpful for the long tail strategy in the future, so we must develop from the website structure began to carry out structural optimization.


! The two column,

content page mainly use H tags and keywords in the layout, the title of the article first to use the H1 tag, and label keyword in the keyword tag, "

tree structure of

six, the content page optimization

today the cold plume to share six points need to pay attention to the internal web site optimization in Shanghai Dragon:

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