net give up I want to be a competitive point of the site, later found the word can also be healthy to lose weight, so I put on the analysis of the main domain of another space above, the beginning of a new website, because the domain name I have the record number, so I didn’t give up the domain name, because now the record is not very good, we all know that the domain name is always changing keywords love Shanghai easy right down, easy to be K, really, my site is down right, the original Google PR 3, is now 0, but I fell in love with the sea collection has not decreased, but improved. This is why? Please listen to me to say.

I used After the story of

positioning time selected is a story of the website keywords is the location of the love story, the domain name is love sky Pinyin and English letter of this domain is not too well, because too long, but it is better to remember, so we must pay attention to the time of the application domain. Keywords I selected, then in the online, website operation for half a year long, consistent flow did not go up, finally summarize the reasons that I choose is too big, a lot of words are ranked at around 50, consistent with no prominent, so in this reminder to everyone, one must be designed, not to the direction is too large and wide, of course this is the personal website. No half the time my site traffic also not in the mood to do, there are one thousand articles will be added around it, are added by hand, found that these words really can not do it, finally it risked his life to get rid of the keywords, the situation has improved, after second days after my words I found some words have begun to bring traffic, but because the later is not timely updates, traffic has been maintained in hundreds of IP, the site’s profit depends mainly on the love of Shanghai alliance, we all know that the price of the poor, so I gave up this a love story, with two binding domain and I have no to manage this website, which is where there has been half-dead.

I do about two years time, has always been a part-time job, didn’t have much success, but also a little gain. At present, four individual part-time business website, today just want to share my site diverted experience, the current situation is good. I hope you can learn a little experience, also hope to have different opinions can give me out, so I improved, thank you.

first I put the following article page generated on this website all the original folder, ensure this address can go in, then to define 404 space interface, even if not open can also return to the home page, so as to avoid the loss of users, of course, there will still be a loss of users, can not be avoided, then is the site the construction of a new, must be in the shortest time. The site, at least the data add to the page slowly, at least not allowing users to see nothing, I advance in local do procedures, directly upload installation, so my website does not appear blank, and then update daily a large number of.

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