the answer is yes, the forum has been personalized signature chain many Shanghai dragon often used, the reason is relative to the other chain is relatively easy to do, therefore had a large number of people every day to stay in the forum, does not stop is affixed to the top post, but ignore the nature of the chain, the chain is the essence of the promotion, increase your exposure, and we have to do is to increase the weight of the website, on the wrong road, so it is easy to get lost.

is fine?

others forum signature, his website

from June to now, the love of Shanghai launched a series of measures to make a large number of sites. Kill, which has such a phenomenon, is the site content is no problem, the text description of the chain do a lot, but suddenly all ranked after 100th, what is the reason? The reason many websites the chain fell do much, according to the talk about this matter on the website of the forum signature is still ranking whether there is a weight transfer function of

? ?


many people wonder why anti chain competitor’s website and my site is a forum, my site drop right, his website is fine? In fact, the reason is very simple, but also other competitors do outside the chain, but you can’t find a love of the sea. The domain command query is to fall in love with a closed marine domain, this is a lot of new chain is mistaken for love in Shanghai. This article starting with the Shijiazhuang 贵族宝贝yinduntewei贵族宝贝/ please keep the link security.

Why is

can see his anti chain is the Shanghai dragon why forum.

due to the signature, makes most webmasters are using the BBS signature, so the signature is the most commonly used forum in which several forums? As everyone knows, the webmaster forum, common A5, Shanghai dragon why, a push, push 28, these forums needless to say, the weight is very high, no doubt do signature is a good method in the above, but overlooked a very important factor, that is what most people do, but the problem is that the site outside the chain most energy is spent at this site, caused by a single chain and greatly increase the correlation. Love Shanghai recently K station, according to the analysis of the filtering algorithm, he will filter out a number of garbage sites, so sure to find the common points of these spam sites, most of the first is the chain is the webmaster forum signature. See from the screenshot below features a single chain of

forum signature is still valid, why the recent K station or drop right because he is

forum signature is still valid?

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