let me think whether because I love Shanghai that was sealed, all products and implicated this account to love Shanghai? This can make nothing of it, because I know in Shanghai made a topic 3dXX recent fire, this is not to say, it is the sensitive words, believe everyone should know what it is. Mainly in order to attract traffic, now traffic did not attract, but less, really lose the wife of another soldier.

love Shanghai space has not been sealed, can access, can send the article, but why not. I can see the traffic statistics about love Shanghai’s own space, actually found only a dozen traffic, before every day is two thousand or three thousand, there is only one possible, don’t love Shanghai to my K space? Before they have heard of love Shanghai space will be K, he has not met, I check the original, I fell in love with the sea space has been K’s only space of the home page, the page is gone.

is blocked, punishment is very serious, but also know about an experience that may be a blessing in disguise. It is in love after Shanghai product promotion is the best time for each product with an account, even by the title, it will not drag to other aspects of the product, although it is a little trouble, but this is the most insurance, of course, if you are not afraid, then you can use an account.

my account for more than two years, the space included or fast, although that was not the second, but as long as a post, ten minutes can be included, now it was in love with the sea K, pity. Even the most space, but still love Shanghai know the account, I believe we all know, in the love of Shanghai knew that there is a certain link level, the higher the level, the link of the pass rate is higher, in the love of Shanghai know the link appears at least four or more, I the account number is six, so the link is through the. This re to upgrade to a long time to come, the heart is not the taste.

looked at today statistical tools, I found the garbage station (designed to put the alliance pop-up ads, not what the user experience) flow a lot less, this is equivalent to RMB less ah, this not, it is necessary to find out the reason.

Although the I love the possibility of

above is the Shanghai account be punished and some of their views and.


looked at the source of statistics, found love Shanghai know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar product source access have disappeared before every day from these love Shanghai products can be hundreds of ip. I opened my love Shanghai account to understand the situation, found that only love Shanghai know love Shanghai blocked, the other is all right, I love Shanghai website products is the main source of traffic in Shanghai and Shanghai know love love space, even if love Shanghai that was sealed, no why love Shanghai space the flow of the

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