site outside the chain is the key of a website ranking, this is not much to explain all know, but today I want to talk about a chain construction site late direction. To explain what is called late site, the site later refers to the core keywords are ranked, and compared to the front. Basically is a time outside the chain to keep country era, with a pre site outside the chain is a new era at ranking do is very different. In the new rush when we choose the way of ranking is much and quickly, is the hair of the chain, two is faster, so you can quickly bring the ranking, but it has a flaw, that is will produce some junk the chain and the chain is invalid.

for site right important stability is not very good, easy to bring some fluctuations in the rankings. So the chain strategy is no longer late and soon dominated the chain, the late development direction should be based on what the main? In this regard, the author also thought for a long time, the author thinks that the chain should be fine class, it is best to do the chain with promotion, to promote the way of doing the chain. A chain of the most obvious characteristics is to have the user clicks, can bring traffic. For example, we in another forum development of an article to solve installation love Shanghai statistics should be how to operate, similar to this, in this article we only need to install love Shanghai statistics to solve this problem, but in the end of this paper need to put forward a related issue, for example, we can write you to install love Shanghai statistics you need to know what data inside the website? I this article has detailed instructions, please visit my website to read.

so we can get through this rigid demand guidance, to guide users to our website. The user can click through to our website, so the link activity has increased greatly, we know the link of the activity is having great influence on the link weight. Because of the presence of a link is to solve user problems, if the operation of this article as mentioned above to install love Shanghai statistics how, we just add an own website copyright link at the end of the. I believe this link click rate is very low, if not click, search engine will think this link and there is no value, the value judgment is not the user clicks and solve the problem of users, so that what we do every day outside the chain are in need of careful planning, and no longer in order to win.

In fact,

links and promotion is a pair of inseparable friends, there is an important point behind you may not realize is. That is our brand keywords protection, to protect our brand keywords, and then to promote our brand keywords. We can use the third party platform to make up our brand keywords, enhancing brand image and do some things. Keywords such as brand of our company is nine door village stone fish, so we can know which in Shanghai love to do 10 to 8.

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