search engine gives a clear search word, love Shanghai rapid intelligent search also gives the search results, this.

we see that the user needs only one is the decoration of the house, but the user in the search engine to understand these contents, his search intention is rich and diverse. If I were a decoration company Changsha area, how to cater to the needs of users, and how to meet the users of these trivial search intentions? This is worth us to study. Jane white Shanghai Longfeng station is to meet the needs of the most core and, meet the most urgent needs, meet the users demand decision effect. Only to meet the core needs of the user, the user can move from the heart.

2, users how to select search word needs to query

the morning of the second day on the evening of may A can’t help but open the computer in Shanghai love web search you want to understand the content, we guess the first A input search term would be what? Is the "decoration"? Is "house"? Or "Changsha decoration"? "Is also a decoration company? Or" decoration "? Are possible, this is completely by individual users surfing habits and search habits decision. The first word that A search is "decoration", then A in the search box to enter the two words, will recommend the drop-down box search words, "decoration effect diagram" decoration budget table "" decoration "network" decoration company "etc..

1 users, in what circumstances will produce search intention

analysis of user needs to trace to its source, starting from the user search intention, user search intention is changeable, but the user’s search needs always only one. We started from the assumption and the words "decoration", assuming A after several years of struggle finally Shoufu 300 thousand bought a blank room in Changsha, next A will all imagine how to decorate the house? The living room should be decorated into what look like? The bedroom and kitchen decoration come true what is modern and simple? The wind or the European style? What kind of decoration materials? How much is what kind of material? The whole house decoration down how much money to spend? Find the decoration effect which company is good and not expensive? Do not know how others are decorated? So why one hundred thousand out.

now whether it is to do enterprise site optimization, or other types of sites, the principle is basically meet the needs of users. I believe there are many websites voluntarily to meet the needs of users, but still no ranking to the home page or home page ranking is not stable. If your website has ranked 20 in Shanghai before the foundation of love, it is likely the user search demand analysis is not accurate enough, or search demand but due to deep mining. And meet the needs of users to search there is love Shanghai click algorithm, meaning the user clicks to visit your website more times that your website is to meet the needs of users, more users need the website and content, ranking is in front. My words and from a geographical point of view to analyze the user’s search intention and demand:

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