what is the chain operation gamblers

two, from the chain widely degree, will own a gambler, the chain is too concentrated, which is not conducive to the search of friendship and friendship, the search engine is likely to be considered cheating, because from the perspective of the user, a user, website may not intensive you.

> chain operation

chain of human heart is a very good temper, not only need to have patience, also need to correct their attitude, do not hang in a tree, when the cheese in front of their own, must be rational treatment, resist their "fight" desire.

The harm of

, from the number of the chain, once you speak all assured egg in one basket, or a chicken to lay eggs, would severely limit platform management platform, policy change, directly affect your chain, I worked as a platform, because of the internal adjustment limit, full account has been blocked, leads to lose everything. Here special mention love Shanghai platform, love Shanghai platform and Shanghai platform used to limit the severity of love of many people, the complaint system is sound, you always can’t guess your competitors when you give to a fatal blow.

this concept sounds very difficult, it is not difficult, the so-called gambler type chain operation is the egg assured a basket, or make a chicken egg. The reason I called gamblers, because this is a very interesting phenomenon is that many friends send in the chain (especially beginners) mentality not correct, there is a feeling that a bet, the weight of the high platform, and the operation is very simple, just to find that the Nuggets to himself, staring at a platform to develop, such as gamblers, want to earn money, once the platform by punishment, title or gag, the chain all lose.

three, from a long-term perspective, focus on a platform outside the chain, it may be considered as a platform for its malicious attacks, directly blocked your domain is more serious, if this is a well-known platform, the harm is great, because even after the user share you really the content, so in this platform is not, I with a well-known platform (which I do not say, the basic ER Shanghai Longfeng do) talked to management staff, put forward if I send my competitors malicious links lead to this platform blocked a domain name, whether you can appeal, the answer given by the staff is temporarily incapable of action.

recently love Shanghai has not been very peaceful, various events emerge in an endless stream, and I also met some of the disaster, disaster is my personal practices properly, I defined myself as the chain operation gamblers, write out here, just want to give some of Shanghai dragon friends were warning.

the gambler

, a good attitude

so, how should we do the chain

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