must learn to carefully and write soft article is what others say the original, so many friends have said that content is king, and people will say the title for the emperor, content is king. So we must work in the original aspects. We should constantly enrich the content, and constantly updated, so our website ranking will. Website ranking factors: space domain name, high quality of the chain, and enrich the original text.


three, understand the importance of domain name and space, because the domain name space and also has great influence on the website ranking, now can be sure that the international domain name than domestic domain name ranking easily in front, the stability of the space is also very important, you can imagine, if your web site outside the chain, through the spider others "into your website, the results because your site space is not stable and your site isn’t open, you said the spider will go back to your site? Tongsudeshuo others the lied to you, the next time you will believe him?

, a website to understand Shanghai Longfeng terminology, only to understand the terminology, can quickly grasp the essence of the website of Shanghai Longfeng, ranking sites to lay a solid foundation. This one can not learn, some impatient friends will see later chapters, wait a day just buy books to read, if it will More haste, less speed. Shanghai dragon’s term here, I will not say, I don’t want to waste your time, interested friends can search in the fall in love with the sea. It’s a lot, you can quickly understand their digestion.

since I A5 Adsense nets published a new site how to make money fast, many webmaster friends add me, ask me how to do web promotion; how to quickly learn to promote the website of Shanghai dragon, and the Dragon Shanghai quick learning. Now I come to the identity of the person to talk about my learning experience in Shanghai dragon. If there are wrong please master pointing.

five, learn to analyze keywords, keywords analysis method are friends by love.

I started to contact the site optimization from the second half of 2009, bought a lot of books on the Shanghai dragon website optimization and promotion, and found a lot of books is always about theoretical knowledge, confused terminology to let you see me, by hard work, found the site of Shanghai Longfeng not like a lot of people think it difficult to learn and I think we will be developed as long as the website can be a good way to learn the website of Shanghai dragon. In order that we can quickly learn website optimization, I’m popular about my experience, I summed up the following five aspects:

two, understand the working principle of network spiders, simple in said spiders is coming to our website through the other web site, when our website appeared on a number of others more sites, the more the number of spiders and came to our website, others "link to our website, for us is the chain, the chain is very important, because it is affecting our website ranking three factors.

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