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included nobility baby relatively quickly and broad, new sites do after simple propaganda and external links can be included, but was included in the new station general ranking is not good, because the baby is more noble and high quality of the external links and other aspects of the value of his own PR, and these noble baby the reason is also need a period of time to complete the accumulation.

love Shanghai and noble baby included propaganda, not specifically distinguish.

included love Shanghai because of the proliferation of CN domain and more difficult, under normal circumstances, the new sites included the difficulty does not represent the new sites not included. If the new station in the production of special when you increase the optimization of knowledge, now it is not very good, sometimes the optimization is a gradual process of adjustment, the new optimization and excessive noble baby into the sandbox, once enter the sandbox, need at least two months or even longer to come out! (sandbox sandbox: you >


will have the opportunity to get involved in the rankings, and participate in the qualification is your website and web page is included, a web site even if the first step included cannot be a good solution that is ranking cannot talk on the importance of visible website is much, every day we must not be less is to update the website the content, release the chain and so on, however, every day we are hoping to release new content by search engines, because we all know that included can contribute to the website’s weight and ranking to improve, but also sufficient to prove the search engine to a certain quality of the content on your site, of course I do not mean the that was rejected after included in the content. But many owners will find that every day we update the content of many, but is not indexed by search engines, like the non mainstream pictures as the site, the beginning has not been included, website content is about 6000, and included to over 1000, this is a sad, but after the recent years included content on the site included some research, obviously increased, today with everyone to share.

new love Shanghai included time for half a month, 15 days is the average time a relatively normal. You may need to slow a month or two months. The new station included normal nobility baby time for two to three days, the speed can be several hours, usually within the next week can be included.

Principle analysis of : the first principle of love Shanghai includedThe same

station on the Internet, without the introduction of Web site links, any search engine will not be able to know and confirm this website, so new sites included the most fundamental is the external links reasonable our website, and the website of the robots.txt file is not included in the search engine to search engine spiders, according to what he found the external links into our new sites, which included.

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